Initial integration with the App Store

Adapty Initial Integration with the App Store: step-by-step instructions

We're thrilled to have you on board with Adapty! Our priority is to help you hit the ground running and achieve the best possible outcomes for your app. This guide is designed to get you started with Adapty if your app is available in the App Store.

Integrating Adapty into your mobile app involves establishing connections between your app and Adapty at both the App Store and SDK levels. Though it may seem hard on the surface, following the onboarding in Adapty Dashboard or these instructions will help you accomplish this in no more than 30 minutes.

Guide for the initial integration

After the initial integration is complete, you can begin using Adapty's features.

Please keep in mind that for paywalls and products to be displayed in your mobile application, and for analytics to work, you need to make changes to your app's code. Specifically, you need to display the paywalls at least and, if you're using paywalls not created with the Paywall Builder, handle the purchase process within your app.


Go through release checklist before releasing your app

Before releasing your application, make sure to carefully review the Release Checklist . This will ensure that you've completed all the necessary steps before your app goes live with Adapty SDK onboard.