Learn how to set up integration with Pushwoosh

We use subscription events to update Pushwoosh profile tags, so you can build target communication with customers using push notifications after a short and easy integration setting as described below.

To integrate Pushwoosh go to Integrations > Pushwoosh, turn on a toggle from off to on, and fill out fields.

1. Credentials

First of all set credentials to build a connection between your Pushwoosh and Adapty profiles.
Pushwoosh app ID and auth token are required.


Required credentials in Adapty

App ID can be found in your Pushwoosh dashboard.

Auth token - in the API Access section in Pushwoosh Settings.


Auth key in OneSignal dashboard

2.Events and tags

Below the credentials, there are three groups of events you can send to Pushwoosh from Adapty. Simply turn on the ones you need. You may also change the names of the events as you need to send it to Pushwoosh.


Subscriptions, trials, issues events in Adapty integration interface may be changed and sent to Pushwoosh

These events work like triggers for your Pushwoosh tags update. Please look at the list of tags below.


Custom tags

With Adapty you can also use your custom tags for Pushwoosh integration. Feel free to do so.

adapty_customer_user_idStringcustomer user id
adapty_profile_idStringprofile id
environmentStringdev or prod environment link
storeStringAppstore, Google play
vendor_product_idStringid of the purchased subscription
subscription_expires_atStringthe expiration date of the subscription
last_event_typeStringthe type of the last received event from the list of the standard Adapty events
purchase_dateStringthe date of purchase
original_purchase_dateStringthe date of the first purchase according the transaction
active_subscriptionStringHas user got an active subscription? True or false
period_typeStringIs it trial or not? True or false

All float values will be rounded to int. Strings stay the same.

3. SDK configuration

To link Adapty with Pushwoosh you need to send us the HWID value:

let params = AdaptyProfileParameters.Builder()
    .with(pushwooshHWID: Pushwoosh.sharedInstance().getHWID())

Adapty.updateProfile(params: params) { error in
    // handle the error
val params = AdaptyProfileParameters.Builder()
Adapty.updateProfile(params) { error ->
    if (error != null) {
        // handle the error
AdaptyProfileParameters params = new AdaptyProfileParameters.Builder()

Adapty.updateProfile(params, error -> {
    if (error != null) {
        // handle the error