Grant permissions to service account in the Google Play Console

Authorize Adapty's service account by granting necessary permissions in the Google Play Console

Grant the required permissions to the service account that Adapty will use to manage subscriptions and validate purchases.

  1. Open the Users and permissions page in the Google Play Console and click the Invite new users button.

  2. In the Invite user page, enter the email of the service users you've created.

  3. Switch to the Account permissions tab.

  4. Select the following permissions:

    • View app information and download bulk reports (read-only)
    • View financial data, orders, and cancellation survey responses
    • Manage orders and subscriptions
    • Manage store presence
  5. Click the Invite user button.

  6. In the Send invite? window, click the Send invite button. The service account will show in the user list.