Subscriptions renewal cancelled

The Subscriptions renewal canceled chart displays the number of subscriptions that have had their auto-renew status switched off (canceled by the user). When a subscription's auto-renew status is turned off, it means that the subscription will not renew automatically for the next period. However, the user still retains access to the app's premium features until the end of the current period.

Subscriptions renewal cancelled chart

Subscriptions renewal canceled chart


Adapty's calculation logic for the subscriptions renewal cancelled chart involves counting the number of subscriptions that have had their auto-renewal status switched off during a given period. This includes subscriptions that were canceled by the user and will not renew automatically for the next period.

Available filters and grouping

  • ✅ Filter by: Attribution, country, paywall, store, product, and duration.
  • ✅ Group by: Product, country, store, paywall, duration, attribution status, attribution channel, attribution campaign, attribution ad group, attribution ad set, and attribution creative.

You can find more information about the available controls, filters, grouping options, and how to use them in this documentation.

Subscriptions renewal canceled chart usage

The Active subscriptions chart is useful to get valuable insights into the number of recurring, individual paid users from your app. This metric serves as a proxy for the size and growth potential of a business. Combining active subscriptions with filters and grouping helps you to gain a deeper understanding of their paid subscriber base composition, making it a powerful tool for data analysis.

Similar metrics

In addition to Subscription renewal canceled chart, Adapty also provides metrics for other subscription-related events, such as active subscriptions, new subscriptions, expired subscriptions, and non-subscriptions. To learn more about these subscriptions-related metrics, please refer to the following documentation guides: