Create paywall

Learn how to create paywalls to effectively monetize your app

A paywall serves as an in-app storefront where customers can browse products and make purchases.

Before you start creating paywalls (Click to Expand)
  1. Create at least one product.
  2. (optional) Create offer.

To create a new paywall in the Adapty dashboard:

  1. Open the Products and Paywalls section in the Adapty main menu and click the Paywall tab to open it. The paywall list page in the Adapy dashboard provides an overview of all the paywalls that have been set up in your account along with their metrics.
  1. Click the Create paywall button.
  1. In the opened Paywalls/ New paywall page, enter the Paywall name: The name that identifies the paywall throughout the Adapty Dashboard.
  2. Click the Add product button.
  3. From the opened drop-down list, select the Products that will be shown to your customers. The list contains only previously created products. The order of the products is preserved on the SDK side, so it's important to consider the desired order when configuring the paywall.
    Please note that after your paywall will get shown on the production at least once it will be impossible to change the products on the paywall as this may affect the paywall metrics.
  1. If you serve your products with a free trial and other offers, consider adding them here, otherwise, they won't work. For this, click the Add offer button next to the product the offer belongs to. The button is active only if offers are set up for the product.
    Apple's intro offers get sorted out automatically, so you don't have to add them separately in Adapty.
  1. Click the Create as a draft button to confirm the paywall creation.

Now the paywall is created and you can add it to a placement.