Configuring offers from App Store and Play Store

Promotional offers in Adapty allow you to offer discounted pricing or introductory offers to your app's users. This guide will walk you through the entire process, from creating the offer in the respective app stores to implementing it in your app using the Adapty SDK.

Apple promotional offers

With iOS 13 Apple released Promotional offers as a way to promote your users to subscribe. Adapty supports Subscription offers.


To use promotional offers, you have to upload subscription key to Adapty dashboard, so Adapty can sign the offers.

Add promotional offer

Add promotional offer

Please also consider, that introductory offers on iOS are applied automatically if the user is eligible.

To include a promotional offer or free trial for your product, navigate to the promotional offers tab after setting up the pricing. You will find a + icon next to promotional offers, and click on it to begin the setup.

In the subsequent modal, you'll encounter various configuration screens:

  1. Promotional offer reference name and promotional offer identifier: This will configure the name and ID of the offer.
  2. Type of promotional offer: You'll be able to choose the type of promotional offer from Pay as you go, Pay up front, and Free options. Then choose the desired Duration from the dropdown for the selected option.
  3. Prices for the offer for each country

You can check our documentation to learn how to configure the products in the App Store.

Play Store offers

You have the ability to create one or several offers for your base plans, and each offer can include up to three phases. These offers can be designed as free trials, introductory pricing, or a combination of both. For more details about setting up base plans and offers, please refer to the official Google documentation.

It's important to note that in the case of Google’s new billing system, trials won't be automatically assigned to users. To enable this functionality, you must create an offer and specify it during the payment configuration setup.

Add an offer to the base plan

Add an offer to the base plan

Previous versions of the Adapty SDK do not support Google's latest subscription features, such as multiple offers per base plan. Only offers marked as Backwards compatible in the Google Play Console can be utilized with these SDK versions. It's important to note that only one offer per base plan can be marked as backwards compatible.

You can also learn how to configure products in the Google Play Console by checking our documentation.

Offers in Adapty

Create an offer

Adapty allows you to offer discounted pricing to existing or churned subscribers. To utilize this feature, you need to create the offer first in App Store Connect or Play Console. Once you have the offer ready, you can easily add it to the Adapty Product in the Products section.

Offers in Adapty product

Offers in Adapty product

Here are the fields for the offer:

  • Offer name: Provide a name for the offer to help identify it within Adapty.
  • App Store Offer ID: This is the unique identifier for the offer in the App Store.
  • Play Store Offer ID: Similarly, this is the unique identifier for the offer in the Play Store.

You can also check our documentation on how to configure products within Adapty.

Adding the offer to the paywall

To make the promotional offer visible and selectable within a paywall for your app's users, follow these steps:

While configuring the products into the paywall, you will find an option to add associated offers. Select the promotional offer you created earlier from the list of available offers.

Configure offers in the paywall

Configure offers in the paywall