Discover how to integrate and utilize offers from both the App Store and Google Play within Adapty to attract and keep users engaged, making the app experience more rewarding

Offers in the App Store and Google Play are special deals or discounts provided by these platforms for in-app purchases.

There are 2 types of offers:

  • Introductory offer
    An introductory offer is a special welcome for users who are exploring a subscription-based app for the first time. It's a promotion that you can set up to provide new subscribers with a discounted price, a free trial, or other enticing deals for a certain period.
    Please also consider, that introductory offers on iOS are applied automatically if the user is eligible, no need to create them in Adapty.
  • Promotional offer
    A promotional offer is a friendly invitation for users who are already familiar with a subscription-based app. It's a special deal or discount that you can create to engage existing or past subscribers. With promotional offers, you can provide discounted prices, free trials, or other enticing deals to encourage users to renew or re-subscribe.

These offers help attract and keep users engaged, making the app experience more rewarding. By using these special incentives, you can boost user interest and loyalty, contributing to the overall success of their apps.


Checklist for Adapty to successfuly process offers from the App Store and Play Store:

  1. Create offers in the App Store Connect or create offers in the Google Play Console
  2. (for iOS apps only) Upload a special In-App Purchase Key from App Store Connect to Adapty.
  3. Create offers in Adapty
  4. Add these offers to a paywall in Adapty