Add product to paywall

Discover how to integrate a cross-platform product into your paywall, enabling seamless purchasing options for your users

To make a product visible and selectable within a paywall for your app's users, follow these steps:

  1. While configuring a paywall, click the Add product button under the Products title.
  2. From the opened drop-down list, select the products that will be shown to your customers. The list contains only previously created products. The order of the products is preserved on the SDK side, so it's important to consider the desired order when configuring the paywall. Additionally, you can specify an offer for a product if desired.
  1. Click the Save as draft or Save and publish button depending on the status of the paywall.

Please keep in mind that after creation, it is not recommended to edit, add, or delete products to the paywall as this may affect the paywall metrics.

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