Messaging service integrations

Learn how to set up integration with messaging services. Adapty supports OneSignal, Pushwoosh and Braze.

The acquisition is not easy or cheap in the growing mobile market. So wisely treating attracted users improves your unit economy, especially in highly competitive niches.

Adapty provides real-time information about core users' payment actions. We know when your customer took a trial, if he had troubles with his payment, or if he purchased a subscription and decided to cancel later. All these and other events show the change in the state of the customer. And this is the best moment to react - send an offer, or personal gift, or whatever retaining.

Push notification platforms allow describing a user with standard and custom tags to build an effective automatic system of retention. To make this system work you just need trigger events to let the system know that it's time to send a message. These events will come to the push platform from Adapty through the set integration.

Please choose below the service that you need to integrate and follow the instructions:


Don't see your attribution provider?

Let us know! Write to the Adapty support and we'll consider adding it.