Learn how to set up integration with Braze

As one of the top customer engagement solutions, Braze provides a wide range of tools for push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app messaging. By integrating Adapty with Braze, you can easily access all of your subscription events in one place, giving you the ability to trigger automated communication based on those events.

Adapty provides a complete set of data that lets you track subscription events from all stores in one place and can be used to update your users' profiles in Braze. With Adapty, you can easily see how your subscribers are behaving, learn what they like, and use that information to communicate with them in a way that's targeted and effective. Therefore, this integration allows you to track subscription events in your Braze dashboard and map them with your acquisition campaigns.

Adapty sends subscription events, user properties and purchases over to Braze, so you can build target communication with customers using Braze push notifications after a short and easy integration as described below.

How to set up Braze integration

To integrate Braze go to Integrations -> Braze, switch on the toggle, and fill out the fields.

The initial step of the integration process is to provide the necessary credentials to establish a connection between your Braze and Adapty profiles. You will need the REST API Key, your Braze Instance ID, and App IDs for iOS and Android for the integration to work properly:

  1. REST API Key can be created in Braze DashboardSettingsAPI Keys. Make sure your key has a users.track permission when creating it:
  1. To get Braze Instance ID note your Braze Dashboard URL and go to the section of Braze Docs where the instance ID is specified. It should have a regional form such as US-03, EU-01, etc.
  2. iOS and Android App IDs can be found in Braze Dashboard → Settings → API Keys as well. Copy them from here:

Events, user attributes and purchases

Below the credentials, there are three groups of events you can send to Braze from Adapty. Simply turn on the ones you need. You may also change the names of the events as you need to send it to Braze. Check the full list of the Events offered by Adapty here:

Adapty will send subscription events and user attributes to Braze using a server-to-server integration, allowing you to view it in your Braze Dashboard and configure campaigns based on that.

For events that have revenue, such as trial conversions and renewals, Adapty will send this info to Braze as purchases.

Here you can find the complete specifications for the event properties sent to Braze.


Helpful user attributes

Adapty sends some user attributes for Braze integration by default. You can refer to the list of them provided below to determine which is best suited for your needs.

User attributeTypeValue
adapty_customer_user_idStringContains the value of the unique identifier of the user defined by the customer. Can be found both in the Adapty Dashboard and in Braze.
adapty_profile_idStringContains the value of the unique identifier Adapty User Profile ID of the user, which can be found in the Adapty Dashboard.
environmentStringIndicates whether the user is operating in a sandbox or production environment.

Values are either Sandbox or Production
storeStringContains the name of the Store that used to make the purchase.

Possible values:
app_store or play_store.
vendor_product_idStringContains the value of Product Id in Apple/Google store.

e.g., org.locals.12345
subscription_expires_atStringContains the expiration date of the latest subscription.

Value format is:
e.g., 2023-02-15T17:22:03.000+0000
active_subscriptionStringThe value will be set to true on any purchase/renewal event, or false if the subscription is expired.
period_typeStringIndicates the latest period type for the purchase or renewal.

Possible values are
trial for a trial period or normal for the rest.

All float values will be rounded to int. Strings stay the same.

In addition to the pre-defined list of tags available, it is possible to send custom attributes using tags. This allows for more flexibility in the type of data that can be included with the tag and can be useful for tracking specific information related to a product or service. All custom user attributes are sent automatically to Braze if the user marks the Send user attributes checkbox from the integration page

SDK Configuration

To link user profiles in Adapty and Braze you need to either configure Braze SDK with the same customer user ID as Adapty or use its .changeUser() method:

let braze = Braze(configuration: configuration)
braze.changeUser(userId: "adapty_customer_user_id")