Apple App Store Promotional Offers

Learn how to configure App Store promotional offers

The Subscription Key is used for Promotional offers. For example, you can offer user upfront payment for 6 months with a 40% discount, and after that user will pay the regular subscription price every month.


Please note that you can use the same key for both In-app purchase API and promotional offers — there's no need to create a new one if you have access to the .p8 file you've previously generated.

To generate a new subscription key:

  1. Log in into App Store Connect and open Users and Access.
  1. Generate an In-App Purchase key (you can name it Adapty) and download it as a .p8 file. Please note that, this subscription key will be used for configuring App Store promotional offers in Adapty.
  2. Upload .p8 file to Adapty and copy-paste KEY ID.
App Store promotional offer

App Store promotional offer details configuration


After configuring the App Store promotional offer, you can create Apple promotional offers for specific products in Adapty. For more information, please refer to our Apple promotional offers documentation.

Once you have created the promotional offer, you need to associate it with the paywall configuration in Adapty to ensure that the adaptyPaywallProduct.promotionalOfferId property is populated correctly. For detailed instructions on paywall configuration in Adapty, you can check our Paywall configuration documentation.