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Здравствуйте! Скажите, пожалуйста, как при интеграции adapty с appsflyer происходит передача ивентов в appsflyer. Как adapty понимает, в какой источник атрибуцировать ивент?


Hi! Adapty Team Adapty.restorePurchases() extend the free trial? Problem: We have 170 free trails but have 1 purchases after 5 days. How is work?

You already own this item, react-native, android

Somehow I managed to buy 4 instances of the same product and then, out of nowhere, google play start telling me, that "You already own this item". Well, that kinda not what im looking for. I googled it and found out that you should "consume" items. But i couldnt find anything about it in your docs or in discussions. I would love to be able to buy as many items as i want, but im stuck. What should i do to make this work? Thank you for your time. I use latest React-native on real android device.

React-native android makePurchase returns purchaserInfo as undefined in sandbox mode

Good day. I am using rn v6.2.0 When in sandbox mode I try to buy a product, transaction goes fine, i receive an email from google and i can get receipt id. But purchaserInfo returns as undefined. I tries to find anything in docs about it, but found nothing. My code looks like this: try { const {purchaserInfo, receipt, product} = await adapty.purchases.makePurchase(productt); console.log('\x1b[36m%s\x1b[0m', purchaserInfo, receipt, product); // "premium" is an identifier of default access level if (purchaserInfo?.accessLevels['premium'].isActive) { } } catch (e) {} I am trying to get this information: transaction id and purchase id When I try to restore purchases, with const {purchaserInfo, receipt, googleValidationResults} = await adapty.purchases.restore(); I get purchaserInfo with empty accessLevels, empty nonSubscriptions and a profileId receipt undeifned googleValidationResults undefined What am i doing wrong?

RN Android adapty activation

Good day, good sirs! I am trying to activate adapty – react-native - android. Behaviour description: 1. If i try to activate adapty and get a paywall in useEffect in app.js, i get AdaptyError { "adaptyCode": "sdkNotActive", "code": 403, "localizedDescription": "Adapty SDK was not initialized", } Code Example: useEffect(() => { activateAdapty({sdkKey: 'public_live_1xBxwiDq.Hcf8j157rGUd1OtGw9Gv'}); async function fetchPaywall() { const {paywalls} = await adapty.paywalls.getPaywalls(); const bestPaywall = paywalls.find( paywall => paywall.developerId === 'testPayWall', ); setPaywall(bestPaywall); console.log(bestPaywall); } fetchPaywall(); }, []); 2.But if I use it without useEffect, it kinda works – adapty activates and i can see that i am receiving a paywall, but i have infinite rerenders. Would you please be so kind to help me out in this weird scenario?

Adapty reporting API or scheduled email reports

Hi! Is it possible to work with Adapty reports without user interface? I wonder if there is hidden options of Reporting API or scheduled email reports ? If no right now, when it will available?

Ss there need for SDK integration, if we just need analtics and forward the App Store events?

Hi, We want to test the analytics and are looking into having minimal implementation. If we forward the App Store subscription events to Adapty (https://docs.adapty.io/docs/forwarding-events-to-adapty), do we still need to integrate the iOS SDK?

Adapty identify users

Hello, I am wondering whether identifying users with the free version of Adapty is possible? Or is it only allowed once you have moved to the Pro plan. How does one then manage using internal user IDs to identify users on adapt on the free version, and then swapping over to the Pro version if Adapty does not allow you to identify users? Wouldn't the existing user profiles in Adapty then become unused, as the profile ids no longer match? Thank you.

Product with 3 days free trial does not work on App Store.

Hi, I had worked in the sandbox for an annual product with 3 days free trial. It was working, I subscribed & restored it without any problem. However, when the app is published, I see the product with a 0.0 price tag. Also, I can not subscribe to it as I did in the sandbox. Thanks


We using Flutter framework. Questions: 1. A/B metrics result (https://app.adapty.io/ab-tests) --> only shows the Production mode? 2. https://app.adapty.io/event-feed --> When we test subscription we can not show revenue, trials, views ... data in (https://app.adapty.io/ab-tests) is right? 3. How correct fetch transaction id? 4. Can you check fetch transaction id correction? Future<bool?> _mapInAppPurchaseMake(AdaptyProduct qProduct) async { try { final MakePurchaseResult permissions = await Adapty.makePurchase(qProduct); if (permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.isActive ?? false) { if(Platform.isAndroid){ await Adapty.restorePurchases(); } if(permissions.purchaserInfo?.subscriptions[permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.vendorProductId]?.isActive ?? false){ String transactionId = permissions.purchaserInfo?.subscriptions[permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.vendorProductId]?.vendorTransactionId ?? ''; String variationId = qProduct.variationId ?? ''; await Adapty.setTransactionVariationId(transactionId, variationId); } return true; } return false; } on AdaptyError catch (adaptyError) { print(adaptyError); if (adaptyError.adaptyCode == AdaptyErrorCode.paymentCancelled) { print('AdaptyErrorCode.paymentCancelled'); } } catch (err) { print(err.runtimeType); return false; } } Regards Samat Z.