Facebook Ads

Learn how to set up integration with Facebook Ads

With the Facebook Ads integration, you can easily check your app stats on Facebook Analytics. Adapty sends events to Facebook Ads Manager, helping you make similar audiences based on subscriptions to get better returns. This way, you can accurately see how much money your ads are making from subscriptions.

The integration between Adapty and Facebook Ads operates in the following way: Adapty sends all subscription events that are configured in your integration to Facebook Ads. This integration is beneficial for evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

How to set up Facebook Ads integration

To integrate Facebook Ads and analyze your app metrics, you can set up the integration with Facebook Analytics. By sending events to Facebook Ads Manager, you can create lookalike audiences based on subscription events like renewals. To configure this integration, navigate to Integrations > Facebook Ads in the Adapty Dashboard and provide the required credentials.


Please consider that Facebook Ads integration works on iOS 14.5+ only for users with ATT consent.

Facebook Ads integration in Adapty dashboard

Facebook Ads integration in Adapty Dashboard

  1. To find App ID, open your app page in App Store Connect, go to the App Information page in section General, and find Apple ID in the left bottom part of the screen.
  2. You need an application on Facebook Developers platform. Log in to your app and then find advanced settings. You can find the App ID in the header.
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Disable in-app events logging in the Facebook SDK to avoid duplications

Open your App Dashboard and navigate to Analytics->Settings. Then set Log In-App Events Automatically to No and click Save Changes.

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Disable in-app events logging in the Facebook SDK to avoid duplications

You can use this integration with Android apps as well. If you set up Android SDK configuration in the App Settings, setting up the Facebook App ID is enough.

Events and tags

Please note that the Facebook Ads integration specifically caters to companies using Facebook for ad campaigns and optimizing them based on customer behavior. It supports Facebook's standard events for optimization purposes. Consequently, modifying the event name is not available for the Facebook Ads integration. Adapty effectively maps your customer events to their corresponding Facebook events for accurate analysis.

Adapty eventFacebook Ads event
Subscription initial purchaseSubscribe
Subscription renewedSubscribe
Subscription cancelledCancelSubscription
Trial startedStartTrial
Trial convertedSubscribe
Trial cancelledCancelTrial
Non subscription purchasefb_mobile_purchase
Billing issue detectedbilling_issue_detected
Entered grace periodentered_grace_period
Auto renew offauto_renew_off
Auto renew onauto_renew_on
Auto renew off subscriptionauto_renew_off_subscription
Auto renew on subscriptionauto_renew_on_subscription

StartTrial, Subscribe, CancelSubscription are standard events.

Facebook Ads integration events

Facebook Ads integration events

To enable specific events, simply toggle on the ones you require. In case multiple event names are selected, Adapty will consolidate the data from all the chosen events into a single Adapty event name.

SDK configuration


Because of iOS IDFA changes in iOS 14.5, if you use Facebook integration, make sure you send facebookAnonymousId to Adapty via .updateProfile() method. It allows Facebook to handle events if IDFA is not available.

import FacebookCore

let builder = AdaptyProfileParameters.Builder()
    .with(facebookAnonymousId: AppEvents.shared.anonymousID)

Adapty.updateProfile(params: builder.build()) { error in
    if error != nil {
        // handle the error                        
val builder = AdaptyProfileParameters.Builder()
Adapty.updateProfile(builder.build()) { error ->
    if (error == null) {
        // successful update
There is no official SDK for Flutter
import { adapty } from 'react-native-adapty';
import { AppEventsLogger } from 'react-native-fbsdk-next';

try {
  const anonymousId = await AppEventsLogger.getAnonymousID();

  await adapty.updateProfile({
    facebookAnonymousId: anonymousId,
} catch (error) {
	// handle `AdaptyError`
anonymousID is not available in the official SDK