Edit placement

Effortlessly adapt user experiences by modifying placements in Adapty, adjusting the displayed paywalls or A/B tests and target user segments without the need for app updates

A Placement designates a specific location within your mobile app where a paywall or A/B test can be displayed. For example, a subscription choice might appear in a startup flow, while a consumable product (such as golden coins) could be presented when a user runs out of coins in a game. You have the flexibility to showcase the same paywall or A/B test across multiple placements or different paywalls or A/B tests in one placement for different user segments, called audiences in Adapty.

To edit an existing placement:

  1. Open the Placements section in Adapty main menu.

  2. In the Placements window, click the 3-dot button next to the placement and select the Edit option.

  3. In the opened Edit window, make the changes you need. For more details on the options in this window, please read the Create placement section.

  4. Click the Save and publish button to confirm the changes.