React Native β€” Installation

Start setting the Adapty paywall builder by installing AdaptyUI SDK.


Pro+ and Enterprise feature

Please before you start setting the feature mind that the Adapty paywall builder is available starting from Pro+ plan. For more information kindly see the pricing.


You currently need to have a react-native-adapty of version 2.4.7 or higher to use UI SDK.


  1. Add the dependency to your project
yarn add @adapty/react-native-ui
pnpm add @adapty/react-native-ui
npm add @adapty/react-native-ui
  1. (iOS target) Install pods provided by new dependency
pod install --project-directory=ios/
  1. (iOS target) Minimal supported iOS version is 13.0, if you see an error during pod installation, find this line in your ios/Podfile and update the minimal target. Then you should be able to perform pod install successfully
-platform :ios, min_ios_version_supported
+platform :ios, 13.0