Switch from AppsFlyer S2S API 2 to 3

Learn how to switch Adapty integration to new AppsFlyer S2S API 3

According to the official AppsFlyer What's New, to provide a more secure experience for API usage and to reduce fraud, AppsFlyer has upgraded its server-to-server (S2S) API for in-app events. The existing endpoint will be deprecated in the future and we recommend to start planning the switch.

Adapty supports AppsFlyer S2S API 3 and provides you with a seamless switch from API 2. Keep in mind that this switch is one-way, so you won’t be able to return to API 2 once you’ve made the change.

To switch from AppsFlyer S2S API 2 to 3:

  1. Open the AppsFlyer site and log in.

  2. Click Your account name -> Security Center in the top-left corner of the dashboard.

  3. In the Manage your account security window, click the Manage your AppsFlyer API and S2S tokens button.

  4. If you do not have an S2S token, click the New token button. If you have it, please proceed with step 8.

  5. In the New token window, enter the name of the token. This name is solely for your reference.

  6. Choose S2S in the Choose type list.

  7. Don't forget to click the Create new token button to save the new token.

  8. In the Tokens window, copy the S2S token.

  9. Open Integrations -> AppsFlyer in the Adapty Dashboard.

  10. In the AppsFlyer S2S API field, select API 3.

  11. Paste the copied S2S key into the Dev key for iOS and Dev key for Android fields.

  12. Click the Save button to confirm the switch.

At this moment, your integration instantly switches to AppsFlyer S2S API 3 and your new events will be sent to the new URL https://api3.appsflyer.com/inappevent.