Google Play Data Safety

The Data Safety section available on Google Play provides a simple method for app developers to inform users about the data collected or shared by their app, as well as highlight their app's critical privacy and security measures. This information enables users to make more informed decisions when selecting which apps to download and use.

Here is a short guide on data that Adapty collects to help you provide the required information to Google Play.

Data Collection and Security

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Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types?
Select 'Yes' as Adapty collects a customer's purchase history.

Is all of the user data collected by your app encrypted in transit?
Select 'Yes' as Adapty encrypts data in transit.

Do you provide a way for users to request that their data is deleted?
If selecting 'Yes', ensure your customers have a way to contact your support team to request a data deletion. You will be able to delete the customer directly from the Adapty dashboard or via REST API.

Data Types

Here is a list of the data types that Google requires for reporting, and we have specified whether Adapty collects any particular type of data.

Data TypeDetails
LocationIs not collected by Adapty
Health and FitnessIs not collected by Adapty
Photos and VideosIs not collected by Adapty
Files and DocsIs not collected by Adapty
CalendarIs not collected by Adapty
ContactsIs not collected by Adapty
User ContentIs not collected by Adapty
Browsing HistoryIs not collected by Adapty
Search HistoryIs not collected by Adapty
App Info and PerformanceIs not collected by Adapty
Web BrowsingIs not collected by Adapty
Contact InfoIs not collected by Adapty
Financial InfoAdapty collects purchase history from users
Personal Info and IdentifiersAdapty collects User ID and some other identifiable contact information including name, email address, phone number, etc, if you explicitly pass them to Adapty SDK.
Device and other identifiersAdapty collects data on device id.

Data usage and handling

User IDs

1. Is this data collected, shared, or both?
This data is collected by Adapty. If you are using integrations set up between Adapty and third parties that are not considered service providers, you may need to disclose "Shared" here as well.
2. Is this data processed ephemerally?
Select 'No'.
3. Is this data required for your app, or can users choose whether it's collected?
This data collection is required and cannot be turned off.

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4. Why is this user data collected? / Why is this user data shared?
Select the 'App functionality' and 'Analytics' checkboxes.

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Financial Info

If you are using Adapty, you must disclose that your app collects 'Purchase history' information from the Data types section in Google Play Console.

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Device or other IDs

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Next Steps

Once you have made your data safety selections, Google will display a preview of your app's privacy section. If you have opted for "Financial Info" and "Device or other IDs" as mentioned earlier, your privacy information should appear similar to the following example

Google Play Data Safety - Photo 7

If you are prepared to submit your app for App Review, please refer to our Release Checklist document for further guidance on preparing your app for submission.