Enable Real-time developer notifications (RTDN) in Google Play Console

Ensure data accuracy and receive instant updates from the Play Store by enabling Real-time Developer Notifications (RTDN) in the Google Play Console, essential for staying informed about refunds and other critical events

Setting up real-time developer notifications (RTDN) is crucial for ensuring data accuracy as it enables you to receive updates instantly from the Play Store, including information on refunds and other events.

  1. Open the App settings from the Adapty top menu.

  2. Copy the contents of the Enable Pub/Sub API field next to the Google Play RTDN topic name title.


If the contents of the Enable Pub/Sub API field have a wrong format (correct format starts with projects/...), make sure you've enabled all developers APIs and granted all required permissions to the service account.

  1. Open the Google Play Console, choose your app, and scroll down the left menu to find Monetize -> Monetization setup.
  2. In the Google Play Billing section, select the Enable real-time notifications check-box.
  1. Paste the contents of the Enable Pub/Sub API field you've copied in the Adapty App Settings into the Topic name field.
  2. Click the Save changes button in the Google Play Console.