Migration from RevenueCat

How to migrate your app from RevenueCat to Adapty

First of all, thanks for choosing us! We hope that our service will help you improve your app monetization.
So, to safely migrate from any other solution, and specifically RevenueCat, you need to take these steps:

  1. Switch subscription status URL to Adapty
  2. Integrate Adapty SDK instead of RevenueCat SDK.
  3. Test and release updates of your app.
  4. Ask RevenueCat support for historical data in CSV format.
  5. Import historical data via Adapty support.

Switch subscription status URL to Adapty

This step is required for Adapty to properly process your subscriptions data. You can safely do it while your app is still using RevenueCat SDK, you won't lose any data. Paste Adapty's URL in your App Store Connect, and paste RevenueCat's URL in forwarding from Adapty. More on that here: App Store Server Notifications

  1. Copy Adapty's URL from Settings -> iOS SDK
  1. Paste it into your App Store Connect (you can select either Version 1 or Version 2).

  1. Copy URL from RevenueCat (Project -> iOS App -> Apple Server Notification URL)

  1. Paste in in Adapty field URL for forwarding Apple Events

Integrate Adapty SDK instead of RevenueCat SDK

Please follow the usual Adapty SDK installation process, but during implementation replace RevenueCat's SDK calls to Adapty. Start here: Installation.


Use Adapty paywalls

Note that Adapty SDK also has methods for paywalls, you should use them from the start. More on that here: Displaying Products

Don't forget to configure products and paywalls in Adapty Dashboard. More on that in your Home page guides.

You can refer to Release Checklist document for quick instructions on installing the Adapty SDK, configuring purchase processing, setting up subscription events for both iOS and Android notifications and connecting to various integrations.

Test and release update of your app

At this point you should already implement Adapty SDK, moved you Apple S2S URL to Adapty and configured products and paywalls in Adapty Dashboard. Now you should test purchases in Sandbox. Please also check Release Checklist, then release the update. Don't worry about subscription statuses, Adapty SDK will move your subscribers automatically.

Congratulations, your app is now fully powered by Adapty! You can start doing A/B Tests to improve your product metrics!

Ask RevenueCat support for historical data in CSV format


Next steps are optional

If you don't need to see historical data in Adapty charts, you can skip them.


Don't rush the historical data import

You should wait at least a week after the release with SDK before doing historical data import. During that time we will get all info about purchase prices from the SDK, so the data you import will be more relevant.

Ask RevenueCat on their support page. For file format reference, check this page: Importing Historical Data to Adapty. Also, you can use this Google Sheets file.

Import historical data via Adapty support

Right now we don't have an automatic tool for that. Please contact us using the website (we use Intercom in the bottom right corner) or just email us at [email protected].