Edit product

Discover the process for editing a cross-platform product in Adapty, streamlining management of products from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store

In Adapty you can combine similar products that you have in App Store and Play Store in a single internal Product. This allows you to use a single Adapty product across all platforms, instead of using each vendor's products.


While you have the option to edit any product, it's crucial to ensure that making changes to products already used in live paywalls doesn't lead to discrepancies in your analytics.

Editing period, access level, App Store Product ID, and Play Store Product ID is not recommended because it may affect analytics clarity. Only edit them if you made a mistake, like setting the wrong period or typo in the product ID.

If you no longer use the product and want to replace it with another one, we strongly advise you to create a new product and update Paywalls and A/B tests accordingly.

To edit the product:

  1. Open the Paywalls and Products section from the Adapty main menu, then select the Products tab.
  2. Click the 3-dot button next to the product and select the Edit option.
  3. In the opened Edit window, make the changes you need. For more details on the options in this window, please read the Create product section.
  4. Click the Save button to confirm the changes.
Edit Product