S3 Exports

Learn how to set up S3 export

Save your subscription events to your Amazon S3 bucket as .csv files.



Adapty sends your data every 24h at 4:00 UTC.

How to set up integration

To start receiving data, you'll need the following credentials:

  1. Access key ID
  2. Secret access key
  3. S3 bucket name


Nested directories

You can specify nested directories in the S3 bucket name field, e.g. adapty-events/com.sample-app

Table structure

profile_idAdapty user ID.
event_typeLower cased event name. Refer to the Events section to learn event types.
event_datetimeISO 8601 date.
original_transaction_idThe transaction identifier of the original purchase.
subscription_expires_atThe Expiration date of subscription. Usually in the future.
environmentCould be Sandbox or Production.
revenue_usdRevenue in USD. Can be empty.
proceeds_usdProceeds in USD. Can be empty.
revenue_localRevenue in local currency. Can be empty.
proceeds_localProceeds in local currency. Can be empty.
customer_user_idDeveloper user ID. For example, it can be your user UUID, email, or any other ID. Null if you didn't set it.
storeCould be app_store or play_store.
product_idProduct id in Apple/Google store.

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