Create user groups based on different properties, and use them for targeted A/B tests

A Segment is a group of users with common properties.


Segments are used in A/B tests and analytics. Adapty has predefined segments:

  • Non subscribed users. Freemium users that never subscribed
  • Subscription cancelled users
  • Trial cancelled users


To create a segment, write a segment name, and choose attributes.

Segment creation

Available attributes

  • Age
  • Calculated subscription state
  • Calculated total revenue USD
  • Country from ip
  • Country from store account
  • Creation date
  • Device
  • Gender
  • OS
  • Platform
  • Subscription expiration date
  • Subscription product
  • Attribution Source: Organic, Non-Organic, Unknown
  • Attribution Channel
  • Attribution Campaign
  • Attribution Ad Group
  • Attribution Ad Set
  • Attribution Creative
  • Custom Attributes