Return paywall from archive

Enhance flexibility in paywall management with Adapty by restoring archived paywalls, allowing for reintroduction into your strategy when needed

Having the ability to archive paywalls is a highly beneficial feature for streamlining your paywall management process. It allows you to conceal paywalls that are no longer needed, reducing clutter in your workspace. Moreover, the option to restore archived paywalls provides flexibility, enabling you to reintroduce them into your strategy if they prove to be useful again.

Archived paywalls may be filtered out of the default view. To see them, select Archived in the State filter.

To return a paywall back from the archive

  1. Open the Products and Paywalls section in the Adapty main menu and click the Paywall tab to open it.

  2. Make sure that archived paywalls are displayed in the list. If not, change the State filter.

  3. Click the 3-dot button next to the archived paywall and select the Back to active option.