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Preventing multiple application users from sharing single App Store subscription

I have a question regarding the interplay of Apple ID purchases and my application users. Let's say I have a user, Alice, who creates an application account and purchases a subscription to my app from her iPhone. Great. Now her friend, Bob, is borrowing her phone, so Alice logs out of her application account, and Bob logs into his own non-premium application account on Alice's phone. Bob decides he likes the app so much that he wants to buy the premium subscription, so Alice attempts to make the purchase for him while he's logged into his application user _on Alice's phone, with Alice's Apple ID._ In the ideal case, my application would throw an error, saying that the current Apple ID (Alice's) already has a subscription associated with a _different_ application account (Alice's application account). Is it possible to do this (to either prevent or void the purchase attempt) with the Adapty Swift SDK _without_ having to store some mapping on my own server? This feels like a check that you could do with `StoreKit` before completing a transaction, but since Adapty completes the transaction for you, I'm not sure how to perform this check. I want to avoid having multiple application accounts associated with a single Apple ID or somehow messing up the existing application user <--> apple ID mapping (for example, if Alice's subscription were modified by the subscription purchase on Bob's application user's behalf).

Flutter Crash on Startup for iPhone 6 running iOS 12.4

It seems that after installing `adapty_flutter: 1.0.6` with the following versions of the package via Cocoapods `- Adapty (1.16.3) - adapty_flutter (1.0.0): - Adapty (= 1.16.3)` the application simply crash: ``` Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT) Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000 Exception Note: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY Termination Reason: DYLD 1 Library missing Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/AdServices.framework/AdServices Referenced from: /Users/USER/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/772E56D9-F7B8-460E-93D7-8DC2083F169F/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/03BB65BD-2F4D-418A-937B-FD851AC8F406/Runner.app/Runner Reason: image not found (terminated at launch; ignore backtrace) ```

Non-subscription non-consumable purchases?

I am looking at options for easily adding in-app purchases to an older swift project of mine. I am looking at Adapty because I like your documentation on installing and implementing. However, this particular project I might proceed with a single purchase rather than subscription. Will Adapty’s features still be useful to me? Thanks

Adapty inapp

Hello. I'm trying to implement inapps in my application using adapty. And I faced with a problem when I try to display paywall. When I call method Adapty.showVisualPaywall(...) I get blank screen and nothing else. I guess this method helps to show your paywall(and products) without writing any code for presentation, but it doesn't work or I do something wrong. I will be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

Code: 1001, AdaptyCode: NoProductsFound, Message: No In-App Purchases were found

"GetPaywalls Error: Domain: com.adapty.AdaptySDK, Code: 1001, AdaptyCode: NoProductsFound, Message: No In-App Purchases were found." I'm using Unity 2021.3.3f1 I switched from RevenueCat before the transition everything worked. Adapt.GetPaywalls returns response null. Tested on a real device. My Code: public class PurchaseService : AdaptyEventListener, IPurchaseService { public event Action Initialized; public Adapty.Product[] Products; public void Initialize() { Adapty.SetEventListener(this); Initialized?.Invoke(); } public void GetProducts() { Adapty.GetPaywalls((response, error) => { if (error != null) { Debug.LogWarning($"GetPaywalls Error: {error}"); return; } Adapty.Paywall paywall = response.Paywalls[0]; Products = paywall.Products; }); } public void MakePurchase(string productId) { Adapty.MakePurchase(productId, null, null, null, (_, error) => { if (error != null) { Debug.LogWarning($"MakePurchase Error: {error}"); //return; } }); } public void OnReceiveUpdatedPurchaserInfo(Adapty.PurchaserInfo purchaserInfo) { } public void OnReceivePromo(Adapty.Promo promo) { } public void OnDeferredPurchasesProduct(Adapty.Product product) { } public void OnReceivePaywallsForConfig(Adapty.Paywall[] paywalls) { } }

AdaptyError (code 1001) No In-App Purchases were found.

Hi, I am getting the AdaptyError (code 1001) No In-App Purchases were found. when I have the product in the Adapty interface as well as in Apple Store Connect. I am not sure what is wrong. Using flutter to include Adapty in app purchases on IOS