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Non-subscription non-consumable purchases?

I am looking at options for easily adding in-app purchases to an older swift project of mine. I am looking at Adapty because I like your documentation on installing and implementing. However, this particular project I might proceed with a single purchase rather than subscription. Will Adapty’s features still be useful to me? Thanks

Sandbox environment question

Hi. I was wondering if the sandbox purchases should affect the analytics?

[Flutter] Modify a subscription (cancel, apply promo, etc) from Adapty

Hello! Is it possible to request Adapty to show the Google Play / App Store popup to modify or cancel a subscription, or is this feature out of Adapty's scope? Thank you, Abel.

Tracking IDFA

Hii! Do I need to start collecting IDFAs in order to use Adapty? Does Adapty work without IDFA?

I don't see the purchases coming from my paywall

> Hi, the purchases coming from my paywall doesn't seem to affect the paywall stats, though I can see them in the Event Feed & Advanced analytics

Can't see Revenue in AppMetrica integration

> Hello there. I've set integration with AppMetrica. I can see that my events are actually flowing to AppMetrica, but for some reason, they lack revenue data. What can I do to fix this?

Apple Proceeds vs Revenue metric discrepancies

Hey! I came accross my stats for proceeds in Apple connect and I noticed some discrepancies with the data from the Revenue metric? What's wrong here and how do I get the right numbers?

Appsflyer integration is not working

> Hey, my Appsflyer integration is not working. It does seem, like Adapty is tracking subscription events, but they are not being passed to the AF

Missing paywall views!

> Hey guys. For some reason, I cannot see any paywall views in the stats, though I am 100% sure there are views, as my paywall is actually within the app

Code 400. Google service account key is not set in Adapty dashboard

> Hey guys, we're trying to implement Adapty Android SDK and facing the following error: >E/Adapty_v1.4.0: Request is unsuccessful. https://api.adapty.io/api/v1/sdk/in-apps/google/token/restore/ Code: 400, Response: {"errors":[{"detail":"Google service account key is not set in Adapty dashboard.","status":"400","source":{"pointer":"/data"},"code":"GOOGLE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY_IS_NOT_SET_ERROR"}]} > >I am not really sure what might be causing this. Can you look into this?