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Expo's EAS android build broken

I'm trying to use adapty with Expo (with expo-dev-client), which is going fine on iOS so far. On Android, when launching the eas build, I'm getting the following error :

Task :react-native-adapty:compileDebugKotlin
[stderr] e: Incompatible classes were found in dependencies. Remove them from the classpath or use '-Xskip-metadata-version-check' to suppress errors
[stderr] e: /home/expo/.gradle/caches/transforms-3/2ae867a2e11de942398247e9a7b7c6a4/transformed/jetified-kotlin-stdlib-jdk7-1.6.10.jar!/META-INF/kotlin-stdlib-jdk7.kotlin_module: Module was compiled with an incompatible version of Kotlin. The binary version of its metadata is 1.6.0, expected version is 1.4.1.

I'm using the 2.3.1 react-native-adapty, everything is up to date on expo/eas side.