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Registration Date <> Server Side API

Greetings, I have noticed that the registration date of every user of my app is visible on the adapty web dashboard. However, I cannot seem to locate a field in the Server Side API that would allow me to request the registration date from adapty. While I did find a birthday field, I am uncertain if it is relevant. I would appreciate it if you could add this field to the API request since it is already available on the web and essential for customized flows.

Not found restorePurchasesCompletionHandlers

(iOS) After redeeming a promotion code in the app store and then opening my app I am seeing a console error of [Adapty v2.4.1] - ERROR: Not found restorePurchasesCompletionHandlers I have googled and looked through the documentation but am not finding any further information on setting this up. Can I get some detailed information please?

#1000 (noProductIDsFound): No In-App Purchase product identifiers were found

Hello, I added a product in the AppStore, everything matches the Adapty Dashboard, the only thing is that I did not set up PlayStore, but I did not specify the id when creating the product, what could be the problem?

Cancel or Unsubscribe a subscription

how can i unsubscribe from an active subscription in flutter


# Hello. I'm trying to integrate sdk adapty with Unity, but I get an error for any request: AdaptyListener# \<-- SetFallBackPaywalls error Code: DecodingFailed, Message: Failed decoding Adapty.Error, Detail: AdaptyUnityError.DecodingFailed(System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AdaptySDK.SimpleJSON.JSONNode.Parse (System.String aJSON) [0x003cb] in D:\\MyProjects\\Unity\\AdaptySDK-Unity-main\\Assets\\AdaptySDK\\JSON\\SimpleJSON.cs:517 at AdaptySDK.SimpleJSON.JSONNodeExtensions.ExtractErrorIfPresent (System.String json) [0x00000] in D:\\MyProjects\\Unity\\AdaptySDK-Unity-main\\Assets\\AdaptySDK\\JSON\\Error+JSON.cs:47 ) UnityEngine.Debug:Log (object)

Adjust Integration is not worked

Hello Team, This example is not worked on my code: Adapty Version: "react-native-adapty": "^2.4.2", ``` import { Adjust, AdjustConfig } from "react-native-adjust"; import { adapty } from "react-native-adapty"; var adjustConfig = new AdjustConfig(appToken, environment); // Before submiting Adjust config... adjustConfig.setAttributionCallbackListener(attribution => { // Make sure Adapty SDK is activated at this point // You may want to lock this thread awaiting of `activate` adapty.updateAttribution(attribution, "adjust"); }); // ... Adjust.create(adjustConfig); ``` And this is how I updated it worked. But I'm still not sure because in your document it shows as above. ``` Adjust.getAttribution(att => { // console.log(att); adapty .updateAttribution( { 'Adjust Adid': att.adid, 'Adjust Network': att.network, 'Adjust Campaign': att.campaign, 'Adjust Adgroup': att.adgroup, }, 'adjust', ) .then(() => { console.log('attribitiion updated success'); }) .catch(err => console.log(err)); }); ``` Thanks for help. BR

Adapty Error: #1000 (noProductIDsFound): No In-App Purchase product identifiers were found.

I'm using React native and I've added all products to both Adapty and stores (ids). But still I'm getting this error: ` ERROR [Adapty JS] — ERROR: : <-- Native SDK replied with error error="#1000 (noProductIDsFound): No In-App Purchase product identifiers were found." nativeError="{\n \"nativeStackAndroid\": [],\n \"userInfo\": null,\n \"message\": \"{\\\"adapty_code\\\":1000,\\\"message\\\":\\\"No In-App Purchase product identifiers were found.\\\"}\",\n \"code\": \"adapty\"\n}"`

Network Error occured a lot

(code: 2003, message: Server error, detail: HTTPError.backend(POST /sdk/in-apps/apple/receipt/validate/, [2.2.3]\: Adapty/Backend.Validator.swift#21, statusCode: 400, body: {"errors":[{"detail":"21004: The shared secret you provided does not match the shared secret on file for your account.","status":"400","source":{"pointer":"/data"},"code":"APPLE_RECEIPT_VALIDATION_ERROR"}]}))

Failure of some versions of the iphone in the app store

bloc Made the payment as indicated in the instructions. As a result, the payment did not work in the testflight, I released it to the app store and the payment works, but not on all devices. What could be the problem? In what direction to move to search for bugs?

Wrong behavior with multiple accounts on the same device with active subscription

I want to use your service to manage subscriptions across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Web), because I have external authorization in my service. But I have a problem with the access level. For example: I call Adapty SDK method - try await Adapty.identify("1") I'm making an in-app purchase, then I retrieve a profile try await Adapty.getProfile() In result I see "premium" access level is granted. It's ok. Next, I log out of the profile and call Adapty.logout() Now I want to log in with a different account, and I call SDK method - try await Adapty.identify("2"). But there's a problem here. Both profiles have a "premium" access level. It's wrong, I want only one customer_id to have granted access level "premium". Do you have a solution for this case?