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Не работает с боевой версией

Здравствуйте! Приложение сделано на Flutter, используется библиотека https://pub.dev/packages/adapty_flutter. В версии для ИОС все работает без проблем, версия для андроид получает пэйволы только при запуске на реальном устройстве в режиме эмулятора в ИДЕ Андроид студио. Лог из консоли телефона могу предоставить. Но, естественно на тестовой версии не работает связка с стором. В боевой версии из стора, вместо пэйвола final GetPaywallsResult getPaywallsResult = await Adapty.getPaywalls( forceUpdate: false); final List<AdaptyPaywall>? paywalls = getPaywallsResult.paywalls; errorText = errorText + "payWalls: $paywalls"; myPaywall = paywalls?.firstWhere((paywall) => paywall.developerId == "MainSubscribeDailyHabits", orElse: null); product = myPaywall?.products?.last; получаю AdaptyError (code null), продукт подцепить не могу т.к. он нулевой, соответсвенно при выполнении final MakePurchaseResult makePurchaseResult = await Adapty.makePurchase(product!); Прошу помочь локализовать и решить проблему Логин в системе соответсвует автору запроса


We using Flutter framework. Questions: 1. A/B metrics result (https://app.adapty.io/ab-tests) --> only shows the Production mode? 2. https://app.adapty.io/event-feed --> When we test subscription we can not show revenue, trials, views ... data in (https://app.adapty.io/ab-tests) is right? 3. How correct fetch transaction id? 4. Can you check fetch transaction id correction? Future<bool?> _mapInAppPurchaseMake(AdaptyProduct qProduct) async { try { final MakePurchaseResult permissions = await Adapty.makePurchase(qProduct); if (permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.isActive ?? false) { if(Platform.isAndroid){ await Adapty.restorePurchases(); } if(permissions.purchaserInfo?.subscriptions[permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.vendorProductId]?.isActive ?? false){ String transactionId = permissions.purchaserInfo?.subscriptions[permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.vendorProductId]?.vendorTransactionId ?? ''; String variationId = qProduct.variationId ?? ''; await Adapty.setTransactionVariationId(transactionId, variationId); } return true; } return false; } on AdaptyError catch (adaptyError) { print(adaptyError); if (adaptyError.adaptyCode == AdaptyErrorCode.paymentCancelled) { print('AdaptyErrorCode.paymentCancelled'); } } catch (err) { print(err.runtimeType); return false; } } Regards Samat Z.

Flutter SDK - App User ID not sent / are wrong through webhook

Hi, We use Flutter SDK and 'identify' method to authentify the transaction via a Webhook. Unfortunately, AppUserId receive through WebHoob doesn't exist in our DB. The bug only appear on iOS on subscription, purchases work well. We use a sandbox environment with the 1.0.9 flutter sdk. Thanks for your response

flutter: App User ID not being linked with Adapty ID on Production environment

Hi there! We are experiencing some kind of issue, where our internal App User ID is not linked with yours Adapty ID on Production environment. But seems to be woking fine on Sandbox. https://github.com/adaptyteam/AdaptySDK-Flutter/issues/39 I have created a github issue and duplicate question here for faster solution. Please help.

Flutter использование плагина с Android

При инициализации и запросе paywall получаю ошибку In-app billing API version 3 is not supported on this device.

отображение цены подписки не только в USD

Начал подключать ваш сервис на Flutter. Список подписок, текстовку все получаю, но цена приходит только в USD. Как получить цену подписки в валюте страны?

"Adapty SDK was not initialized" on Android

I am using React Native to develop my iOS and Android Apps. On iOS, everything works well. But on Android, my adapty.purchases.restore() function throws an error like below; {"adaptyCode": "sdkNotActive", "code": 403, "localizedDescription": "Adapty SDK was not initialized"} Also, while getting the products, it turns the empty products (with prices of 0). So, it is not a problem about the connection between my App and Adapty. I followed the Android instructions part, twice. But the results are the same. What should I do? Thank you all, in advance.

Flutter :- I want to add promotional push notification

Hey I love adapty and I was wondering how can I add events push notification I want users to know when their subscription is about to cancel and etc is that possible?

Flutter SDK - inaccurate subscription status

I bought an auto renewal subscription via IOS sandbox account. I cross checked everything with the feed screen when I bought it. it showed on feed screen and in app it showed me the time it would expire and I checked the app 1 minute before the expiration and 1 min after just to see how precise the data was and it worked amazingly the only issue is its an auto renew subscription but after reaching expiration time the status shows not subscribed to the subscription BUT on feed screen it shows that renew subscription was initiated and also when I tap again to get subscription I get apple prompt saying im already subscribed my question is why does it show inactive if all the rest are showing active. its it because im using sandbox ? and if yes will I encounter this issue in production?

Identify not sent to transaction

Hi, We use Flutter SDK and 'identify' method to authentify the transaction via a Webhook. Unfortunately, Webhook doesn't have the customerUserId or always customerUserId that was sent before. We tried to 'identify' just after 'activate' method, 'logout' method, but webhook has always a previously sent 'customerUserId'. Thanks for your response