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Не работает с боевой версией

Здравствуйте! Приложение сделано на Flutter, используется библиотека https://pub.dev/packages/adapty_flutter. В версии для ИОС все работает без проблем, версия для андроид получает пэйволы только при запуске на реальном устройстве в режиме эмулятора в ИДЕ Андроид студио. Лог из консоли телефона могу предоставить. Но, естественно на тестовой версии не работает связка с стором. В боевой версии из стора, вместо пэйвола final GetPaywallsResult getPaywallsResult = await Adapty.getPaywalls( forceUpdate: false); final List<AdaptyPaywall>? paywalls = getPaywallsResult.paywalls; errorText = errorText + "payWalls: $paywalls"; myPaywall = paywalls?.firstWhere((paywall) => paywall.developerId == "MainSubscribeDailyHabits", orElse: null); product = myPaywall?.products?.last; получаю AdaptyError (code null), продукт подцепить не могу т.к. он нулевой, соответсвенно при выполнении final MakePurchaseResult makePurchaseResult = await Adapty.makePurchase(product!); Прошу помочь локализовать и решить проблему Логин в системе соответсвует автору запроса

Flutter использование плагина с Android

При инициализации и запросе paywall получаю ошибку In-app billing API version 3 is not supported on this device.

"Adapty SDK was not initialized" on Android

I am using React Native to develop my iOS and Android Apps. On iOS, everything works well. But on Android, my adapty.purchases.restore() function throws an error like below; {"adaptyCode": "sdkNotActive", "code": 403, "localizedDescription": "Adapty SDK was not initialized"} Also, while getting the products, it turns the empty products (with prices of 0). So, it is not a problem about the connection between my App and Adapty. I followed the Android instructions part, twice. But the results are the same. What should I do? Thank you all, in advance.

Product localizedDescription is not localized.

Hello, We start implementing Adapty but we found the problem in booth iOS and Android SDKs. In ProductModel.localizedDescription we are getting only English description. We use that before to show description to the user and from app stores we get right localized description but Adapty send us only English. ProductModel.localizedTitle is working and we are getting localized text. Is this known bug?

Flutter Android Sandbox Testing

Hi there, I am trying to test my IAP in Flutter using Adapty on a physical Android device. The purchases are being registered correctly as Sandbox environment events, however the subscriptions are set to expire at the normal date (actual 1 month duration) rather than the shortened periods for sandbox testing (https://developer.android.com/google/play/billing/test). Is there any way around this? Thank you!

All prices to zero

Hi, I'm retrieving paywalls with products in Flutter SDK. All my prices are 0.00 and localizePrice is null on Android. Can you help me ? Thanks

Code 400. Google service account key is not set in Adapty dashboard

> Hey guys, we're trying to implement Adapty Android SDK and facing the following error: >E/Adapty_v1.4.0: Request is unsuccessful. https://api.adapty.io/api/v1/sdk/in-apps/google/token/restore/ Code: 400, Response: {"errors":[{"detail":"Google service account key is not set in Adapty dashboard.","status":"400","source":{"pointer":"/data"},"code":"GOOGLE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY_IS_NOT_SET_ERROR"}]} > >I am not really sure what might be causing this. Can you look into this?