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React native - subscribe with a promo-code (IOS)

We developed our coupon system and linked it with the app,
but Apple refused the app and enforcing us to use their promotion system

I found some challenges to use the coupon code with the available RN IAP library
so, I used Adapty to make the things more simple

I use this code to show the promo-code sheet
but it does not show anything

however adapty.promo.canPresentCodeRedemptionSheet() return true

also adapty.promo.getPromo() return null

I'm trying to list the available products, each product have ios.discounts as empty array
however my product have ios discounts !!!

adapty.paywalls.getPaywalls().then((data) => {
  data.products.map((d) => {

I cannot find a clear way to implement this coupon code