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ITMS-90078: Missing Push Notification Entitlement

We are not intending to use promo campaigns, so I have not set up push notifications in Apple Developer. I am receiving a notification every time I upload a build to App Store Connect that I am missing the entitlement however. Is there any I can do to disable the use of push notifications in Adapty so this isn't triggered, or is there another solution?

Product localizedDescription is not localized.

Hello, We start implementing Adapty but we found the problem in booth iOS and Android SDKs. In ProductModel.localizedDescription we are getting only English description. We use that before to show description to the user and from app stores we get right localized description but Adapty send us only English. ProductModel.localizedTitle is working and we are getting localized text. Is this known bug?

Flutter SDK - inaccurate subscription status

I bought an auto renewal subscription via IOS sandbox account. I cross checked everything with the feed screen when I bought it. it showed on feed screen and in app it showed me the time it would expire and I checked the app 1 minute before the expiration and 1 min after just to see how precise the data was and it worked amazingly the only issue is its an auto renew subscription but after reaching expiration time the status shows not subscribed to the subscription BUT on feed screen it shows that renew subscription was initiated and also when I tap again to get subscription I get apple prompt saying im already subscribed my question is why does it show inactive if all the rest are showing active. its it because im using sandbox ? and if yes will I encounter this issue in production?

changing prices

Hi, We're going to launch a big app update with new paid membership paywall (the app was free until then). I want to offer a cheaper price at launch, to be kind to my existing users and people joining in the first few weeks. I want these users to remain on this price plan forever (until they let their subscription expire). https://developer.apple.com/app-store/subscriptions/#providing-subscription-offers This page to me is so confusing, I can't manage to wrap my head around the options... I don't like options where they sign up and the first month is cheaper and then goes up. Here I don't think we're talking about Introductory offer, since I want them to remain on this price forever (until they let their subscription expire). I can imagine 2 ways to do what I want in the App Store. Which one makes most sense and is easiest to manage? A. Set a "default" price product, and set a "discounted" price product, for all the plan durations (1 month and 6 months, in my case). When I want to switch to the Default price, I just update my config in Adapty and the new "default" price shows up in Adapty (I may want to customize a bit the copy around the paywall, with remote config). B. Set my price products, for all the plan durations (1 month and 6 months, in my case). When I want to switch to a more expensive or any other price point, I just update the prices in the App Store for these products, and that's it (I may want to customize a bit the copy around the paywall, with remote config). What would you do? Or am I approaching this from the wrong angle, or am I leaving money on the table... Thanks for your advice & support! Paul