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Cannot get subscription info. getInfo does not work

I successfully create a paywall with two products (annual and monthly subscription). I am able to complete the test transaction and subscribe the user (If I retry I got the error "user already subscribed"). But when I call the getInfo() api: const purchaseInfo = await adapty.purchases.getInfo({ forceUpdate: true }); I always get no active subscriptions inside: {"accessLevels": {}, "nonSubscriptions": {}, "profileId": "18492cac-0aef-4040-8e7a-4c55bd7e41d8", "subscriptions": {}} Also the listener adapty.addEventListener('onInfoUpdate'... does not fire. Platform: React Native - Android More info: I created the service account and I can see the logs in the Google Cloud Console: { "serviceName": "pubsub.googleapis.com", "methodName": "google.pubsub.v1.Subscriber.CreateSubscription", .... }

Manual assign

Do I have the ability to manually assign some purchased product to a user directly in the database?

App Store Connect Shared secret error

Good afternoon! I need your help. I am trying to connect Adapty to my application. I did everything according to the instructions, but the error "One or more iOS purchases failed. Check that App Store Connect shared secret is set and valid." appears on the main screen. The key is entered correctly, the products too What could be the reason for this error?

It works well in sandbox, it doesn't on the store

Hi there, we just released our app on the iOS store, after lot of tests on testflight the app is not working on the store. Seems that if you're not in sandbox, the setup fails.

It shows the same purchases for all users.

Hello, I am developing a mobile application on react native. I started using adapty for in-app purchase. However, I am having some problems. 1 - I successfully connect with the following command. activateAdapty({sdkKey: 'XXXX}); 2 - I create the user with the following command. await adapty.profile.identify('666'); 3 - I am viewing previous purchases with the following command. const data = await adapty.purchases.restore(); No problems so far. However, when I log out (await adapty.profile.logout();) and log back in for user '777' ( await adapty.profile.identify('777');) it also shows previous purchases on the new user. So when I run (const data = await adapty.purchases.restore();) on all users it shows the same purchases. I created multiple users, the situation did not change. Can you help me?

Doesn't work on some simulators (iOS 13.7, 14.5)

Hi, Adapty Team! I have a question. Can Adapty display paywalls on simulators? (in my case there are iOS 13.7, 14.5) It works great in 15.5 simulator, but i can't get paywalls on others. Instead i get an error Foundation.NSError NSError domain: "SKErrorDomain" - code: 0. "NSLocalizedDescription" : "Error decoding object" "NSLocalizedFailureReason" : "Attempted to decode store response" Thank you for the help.

Missing iOS subscriptions in Adapty

Hey, We just launched our app in production, and I can see that some events are missing from the event feed: Apple's reports are showing revenue for a subscription that Adapty is not showing. Adapty is counting the right number of subscriptions (or at least it seems like it), but I miss details on 1 of the iOS annual subscription (no revenue is accounted in the "Analytics" for that subscription, no events about that subscription, can't find any user linked to that, ...). I can only see that a new subscription popped (the one on the 17th of July 2022 in this chart https://app.adapty.io/analytics/charts/subscriptions_active). Also, Apple reports actually show revenue for this "missing" subscription, so it seems like some customer was charged for it. Could you help me investigate if something is wrong on my side or if adapty missed some app store server notifications ? Thank you

Failed to invoke callback System.Action

Hi, when calling the GetPurchaserInfo method, I get the error: "Failed to invoke callback System.Action`1[System.String] with arg {"success":{"access_levels":{},"subscriptions":{},"non_subscriptions":{},"profile_id":"07d28733-8695-4663-ba6a-22e505df02c7"}}: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. --> The given key 'premium' was not present in the dictionary." Also sometimes there is an error with Make Purchase and RestorePurchases: "Failed to invoke callback System.Action`1[System.String] with arg {"error":{"code":2,"message":"The operation couldn’t be completed. (SKErrorDomain error 2.)","adapty_code":2,"domain":"SKErrorDomain"}}: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. --> Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Stacktrace is not supported on this platform." Unity 2021.3.3f1, Cocoapods Adapt 1.17.6, Unity Plugin 1.0.1, iOS 15.3.1

Code: 1001, AdaptyCode: NoProductsFound, Message: No In-App Purchases were found

"GetPaywalls Error: Domain: com.adapty.AdaptySDK, Code: 1001, AdaptyCode: NoProductsFound, Message: No In-App Purchases were found." I'm using Unity 2021.3.3f1 I switched from RevenueCat before the transition everything worked. Adapt.GetPaywalls returns response null. Tested on a real device. My Code: public class PurchaseService : AdaptyEventListener, IPurchaseService { public event Action Initialized; public Adapty.Product[] Products; public void Initialize() { Adapty.SetEventListener(this); Initialized?.Invoke(); } public void GetProducts() { Adapty.GetPaywalls((response, error) => { if (error != null) { Debug.LogWarning($"GetPaywalls Error: {error}"); return; } Adapty.Paywall paywall = response.Paywalls[0]; Products = paywall.Products; }); } public void MakePurchase(string productId) { Adapty.MakePurchase(productId, null, null, null, (_, error) => { if (error != null) { Debug.LogWarning($"MakePurchase Error: {error}"); //return; } }); } public void OnReceiveUpdatedPurchaserInfo(Adapty.PurchaserInfo purchaserInfo) { } public void OnReceivePromo(Adapty.Promo promo) { } public void OnDeferredPurchasesProduct(Adapty.Product product) { } public void OnReceivePaywallsForConfig(Adapty.Paywall[] paywalls) { } }

promoting in-app purchases

Hi, Does Adapty support promoting in-app purchases? We promoted an in-app purchase and couldn't get it to work. Here more info - https://developer.apple.com/app-store/promoting-in-app-purchases/ From the app store "You can promote up to 20 in-app purchases, and they’ll appear on your app’s product page and can be shown in search results or be featured by our editorial team. Users can tap an in-app purchase to open your app, where they can buy it. Make sure your app supports the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method to process this transaction. Learn More" Thanks, Chris