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Stop tracking non-cosumables

I'm using Adapty to track my subscriptions, while using another tool to track non-consumable in-app purchases. The problem is that Adapty adds the revenue from non-consumables to the MTR, and this increases my cost with Adapty (about 80% of my revenue comes from non-consumables). Is there any way to exclude non-consumables from Adapty?

Recommended way to cancel a subscription?

I'm using the react-native library. I want to a show a button that allows the user to cancel their subscription. Is there a recommended way to do this? Ideally the SDK could handle this client side but if not, one could spin up a lambda and use the server-side API to call the revoke subscription endpoint or something of the like?

Paywall not showing prices

I'm using the react-native library. I've triple checked that my my subscriptions, IDs, etc. have all been configured properly. I call `adapty.getPaywall(id);` and then show it. The paywall pops in the app and it shows the correct paywall, but the `PROD_TITLE`, `PROD_PRICE`, AND `PROD_PRICE_PER_MONTH` variables are all missing. <br /> Does the app need to have been published in the app store for this to work? Is this a known issue? <br /> Thanks

GetProfile Showing Existing Subscription after Deleting and Installing App Again

Hello, When I deleted an app that had an active subscription, then installed the app (not update app) on Google Play, I checked the number of subscriptions using profile.Subscriptions.Count, it showed that there is still a subscription, which should not be possible. But as expected, I lose the consumable purchases which is normal. Why is this the case?

PaywallBuilder is not showing products in-app

I am building a Flutter app and using the PaywallBuilder to create a Paywall. The paywall placement renders correctly in my app (although it is incredibly slow), but it is not displaying any of my products that I configured within the Google Developer console. I verified that the product IDs and base plan matches what I set in app. I have also run through instructions to \[setup the Android SDK](<https://docs.adapty.io/docs/android-settings>) and I believe that I ran through everything correctly. Some additional context is that I am running this via an emulator. Could that affect anything? I am not seeing any errors get raised in my debug logs so I am having trouble getting to the root cause of the problem.

Feature request: More option on sharing purchases

Hi, We are facing a restore purchase problem. Adapty currently supports only disabling sharing and sharing with all customer accounts (within the same Google/Apple ID). We need the latest customer account that restores a purchase to have access levels and to disable access on all previous accounts. This feature helps us prevent fraudulent activity.

How do I get "Non subscribed users" Segment ?

[block:image] { "images": [ { "image": [ "https://files.readme.io/d46aad6-image.png", null, null ], "align": "center", "border": true } ] } [/block] <https://docs.adapty.io/docs/segments> in this doc, it says some predefined segments in A/B tests, but I could not find them. where could I find these segments?

Terms and Privacy buttons bugged?

Hello, The buttons Terms and Privacy on the paywall does not open the chosen URL. Is it an issue on my side, or does everyone experiences that? If yes, could it be fixed?

How to fix this adapty purchase issue

I m getting this error on test subscription in android how to fix this error com.adapty.errors.AdaptyError: \<HttpError 401 when requesting <https://androidpublisher.googleapis.com/androidpublisher/v3/applications/com.babblebot/purchases/subscriptionsv2/tokens/kdnllecocmgnfmgjkklbjmdo.AO-J1OwW4no-AoFATae5wGBaYArpOWRkkxqhfvB0JvCLLP8CzEsmfj7V0dALJq3cj6pqKa69vgWWJoBcFnk9BaOJgZki518jdw?alt=json> returned "The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.". Details: "[{'message': 'The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.', 'domain': 'androidpublisher', 'reason': 'permissionDenied'}]">

How to solve this problem with AdaptyUI-React-Native (2.1.1)

024-04-01 03:41:31.855 xcodebuild[19736:1767620] DVTCoreDeviceEnabledState: DVTCoreDeviceEnabledState_Disabled set via user default (DVTEnableCoreDevice=disabled) ** BUILD FAILED ** The following build commands failed: SwiftCompile normal x86_64 Compiling\\ SK1Product.swift,\\ SK1ProductsFetcher.swift,\\ SK1QueueManager.swift,\\ SK1QueueManager+MakePurchase.swift,\\ SK1ReceiptManager.swift,\\ SK1Transaction.swift,\\ SK2Product.swift,\\ SK2ProductsFetcher.swift,\\ SK2Transaction.swift,\\ SK2TransactionManager.swift,\\ SK2TransactionObserver.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1Product.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1ProductsFetcher.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1QueueManager.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1QueueManager+MakePurchase.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1ReceiptManager.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1Transaction.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2Product.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2ProductsFetcher.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2Transaction.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2TransactionManager.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2TransactionObserver.swift (in target 'Adapty' from project 'Pods') SwiftCompile normal x86_64 /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2TransactionObserver.swift (in target 'Adapty' from project 'Pods') (2 failures)