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Unique Views in AB testing? Where to find them?

I've had a very strange experience with how Adapty is distributing users and counting views.
For context, in the AABB test, I've got a split of views like this right now:
A: 43
AA: 175
B: 72
BB: 70

The situation is further complicated by the fact that we have a paywall-slider (a paywall containing several slides). I thought that maybe every different slide was being counted as a different view. So, I went into your documentation to find out what exactly you are counting as a view. It wasn't there. However, there was a mention about unique views. That would help me solve this problem, but I am not able to find where to opt into that in my AB testing.

P.S. I am writing about the old/deprecated version of paywalls and AB tests. We have yet to migrate to your new paywall 2.0 system.