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RN Android adapty activation

Good day, good sirs!

I am trying to activate adapty – react-native - android.

Behaviour description:

  1. If i try to activate adapty and get a paywall in useEffect in app.js, i get
    AdaptyError {
    "adaptyCode": "sdkNotActive",
    "code": 403,
    "localizedDescription": "Adapty SDK was not initialized",

Code Example:
useEffect(() => {
activateAdapty({sdkKey: 'public_live_1xBxwiDq.Hcf8j157rGUd1OtGw9Gv'});
async function fetchPaywall() {
const {paywalls} = await adapty.paywalls.getPaywalls();
const bestPaywall = paywalls.find(
paywall => paywall.developerId === 'testPayWall',



}, []);

2.But if I use it without useEffect, it kinda works – adapty activates and i can see that i am receiving a paywall, but i have infinite rerenders.

Would you please be so kind to help me out in this weird scenario?