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iOS kids app has been rejected for some reason depends on AdSupport

This is the apple reason

We noticed that your Kids Category app includes analytics, advertising and collects, transmits, or has the ability to share personal information or device information with third parties. Specifically:

  • Your app includes third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect, transmit or share identifiable information, including, for example, IDFA. We found that your app references the ASIdentifierManager API, which provides access to a user's IDFA, in the following location(s) in your binary:

• /System/Library/Frameworks/AdSupport.framework/AdSupport

It would be appropriate to remove all instances of “ASIdentifierManager” from your app, even if they are not utilized in your app's functionality.

after looking in my app directory and looking for any Ads support framework/library I found that Revenuecat support Ads how can i disable collecting idfa