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It shows the same purchases for all users.

Hello, I am developing a mobile application on react native. I started using adapty for in-app purchase. However, I am having some problems.

1 - I successfully connect with the following command.
activateAdapty({sdkKey: 'XXXX});

2 - I create the user with the following command.
await adapty.profile.identify('666');

3 - I am viewing previous purchases with the following command.
const data = await adapty.purchases.restore();

No problems so far. However, when I log out (await adapty.profile.logout();) and log back in for user '777' ( await adapty.profile.identify('777');) it also shows previous purchases on the new user. So when I run (const data = await adapty.purchases.restore();) on all users it shows the same purchases. I created multiple users, the situation did not change.

Can you help me?