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What do you recommend to set up cheaper in-app price tiers for less privileged regions of the world

First of all, thank you for making asking a question SO DARN EASY! life saver.

I'm planning an app with content and a subscription to access.
I know that 5$ might not feel the same in the US/UK or other regions of the world.

What is a good strategy?

There may be pros and cons, but if I look at an app like Jumbo, they have more than 10 monthly in-app tiers from 2,99 to 12,99. Is that what they're doing? Showing a different price tier based on country of the person on their paywall ?!
One issue is that once I'm subscribed, I can go into my subscription settings and switch to a really cheap tier... And it also sounds like a nightmare to set up in the App Store.

Would love best practices or advice.
Thank you!