React Native - Identifying Users



Custom User Identifiers

Adapty creates an internal profile id for every user. In case you're an in-house authentification system, you would want to set your own Customer User ID.

You can find the users by Customer User ID in Profiles, use it in server-side API, it will be sent to all integrations.

Setting customer User Id on configuration

If you have a user id during configuration, just pass it as customerUserId parameter to .activate() method.

import { activateAdapty } from 'react-native-adapty';

const App: React.FC = () => {
  useEffect(() => {
      sdkKey: 'PUBLIC_SDK_KEY',
      customerUserId: 'YOUR_USER_ID',

Setting customer user Id after configuration

If you don't have a user id on SDK configuration, you can set it later at any time with .identify() method. The most common cases are after registration/authorization when the user switches from being an anonymous user to an authenticated user.

try {
    await adapty.profile.identify("YOUR_USER_ID");
} catch (error: AdaptyError) {}

Request parameters:

  • User ID (required): a string user identifier.

Logging out and logging in

You can logout the user anytime by calling .logout() method:

try {
} catch (error: AdaptyError)

You can then log in the user using .identify() method.