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Im in sandbox mode, Will the AccessLevel check of premium will always return FALSE ?

this always returns false : let isPremium = profile.accessLevels["premium"]?.isActive ?? false Is this because im on the sandbox mode ?

React native: Error code: 260, Apple sign in is required during adapty.activate

react-native-adapty version is 2.2.1 I am calling adapty.activate(MY_API_KEY) in useEffect, adapty becomes initialized, but along with that for some reason adapty makes an alert in app with title(Sign in to your apple account), this behaviour appears on real device and emulator too. Also, in xcode appears this error message: "[Adapty v2.2.2] - ERROR: SKReceiptManager: Receipt Data did not loaded. Error Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=260 "The file “receipt” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file." Will be glad for any help. Thank you in advance!

v2.0 SDK fr React Native ?

When is the v2.0 version of SDK planned to be released for React Native?

not able to initialize it in ios flutter

flutter: [AdaptyFlutter v2.2.4] - VERBOSE: <-- Adapty.identify() Adapty Error (code: 2002, message: The Adapty is not activated, detail: AdaptyError.notActivated([2.2.2]: Adapty/Adapty+AsyncHelpers.swift#44)) after calling Adapty().activate(); i am getting this error for every call. i have added my public key in the adapty-info.plist file

User not recognized

I am testing the SDK on my own phone, where i have already bought an in-app-purchase. I have followed all the steps, added it as a product etc. But when I call Adapty.getProfile, the result is: accessLevels={}. Any idea what I am missing?

Subscriptions are not coming to real device

Hello, I'm trying to test in-app purchase from real device. But subscriptions not coming. This data comes in the simulator, but the event does not occur in the simulator. I uploaded app to testflight and download from there. But this is not working.

Which FBSDK library do you advice for React Native Facebook Attribution?

I will use it for this function. try { const anonymousId = await FBSDK.AppEventsLogger.getAnonymousID(); await adapty.user.updateProfile({ facebookAnonymousId: anonymousId, }); } catch (error: AdaptyError) {}

Tenjin SDK Integration?

Do you have sdk integration plans for Tenjin?

Add option to create Segment by Access Level

Hello, I do not see an option to create a custom Segment using Access Level, while it seems to be quite helpful. I wonder if you could add this feature. Thanks.

{"adaptyCode":"noProductsFound","localizedDescription":"No In-App Purchases were found.","code":1001}

Hi, I am getting this error recently before it was working fine. Their seems to be some issue the products are not being found! And According to bugsnag report recently it spiked up effecting almost 5000+ users!! Error: {"adaptyCode":"noProductsFound","localizedDescription":"No In-App Purchases were found.","code":1001} It was working fine before! Platform: React Native SDK: "react-native-adapty": "^1.3.13"