Release Checklist

Steps to check before releasing the app with Adapty SDK

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to use Adapty! We want you to get the best results from the very first build. Here’s a quick overview of the steps needed for successful integration. Steps 1-4 are usually required, 5-7 are highly recommended;)

  1. Install Adapty SDK in your app. Make sure you use the Public SDK key. All SDK calls must be made after calling .activate() method. Otherwise, we won't be able to authenticate requests.

  2. Fill in App Store Connect shared secret for iOS and both package name and service account key file for Android. We need them to process purchases.

  3. For iOS, update the App Store Connect subscription status URL with our link. This way, we'll know about subscription events as soon as they occur. For Android, set up real-time developer notifications (RTDN).

  4. Integrations require passing identifiers to our SDK. Amplitude, Mixpanel, Facebook Ads, and AppMetrica identifiers are passed using .updateProfile() method. AppsFlyer, Adjust, and Branch attribution data should be passed in .updateAttribution() method. Don't forget to configure specific integration in Adapty dashboard by providing API keys and event names.

  5. For iOS, configure App Store Connect API integration to analyze historical data from App Store and get better predictions.

  6. If you're willing to use promo campaigns, add push certificates.

  7. For iOS, if you use subscription offers, add a subscription key, we'll use it to sign offers.

If you have any questions about integrating Adapty SDK, feel free to contact us at