Adapty encapsulates the vendor's products into a single internal product. Use a single Adapty product across all platforms, instead of using each vendor's products. Product is the core of Adapty Payment SDK.

Example of Adapty product

This example product has App Store ID 1_month_subscription_PREMIUM_trial_7_days and Play Store ID 1_month_subscription_trial

Product creation

While creating a product please keep in mind that you will not be able to edit vendors IDs. This is done for security reasons.

Created product

To create a product you need to fill in at least one vendor ID. If you add App Store Connect, Adapty will parse all products for you automatically.

Adapty supports all type of products: consumable, non-consumable, subscriptions.

How to find iOS product ID?

Open App Store Connect and go to your App Page -> Features

App Store Connect app features page

How to find Android product ID?

Go to Play Store, choose your app. Scroll on the left menu and find Store presence -> In-app purchases

Product ID of Android app

Access level

Access level is an important indicator that describes available features for a user in the app. Most apps have only one access level that indicates full access to the app while subscribed. In that case, just use predefined Standard access level to indicate that the product unlocks full access. With different access levels you can implement a complex logic inside your app. For example, you can make temporary access to the app before some deadline with a one-time purchase.

Subscription offers


With iOS 13 Apple release Subscription offers a way to promote your users to subscribe.

Adapty supports Subscription offers.

First, you need to add your subscription key to Adapty. To do it:

  1. Open AppStore Connect on this page Make sure you're admin

  2. Hit + and create a new key. Name it Adapty Key

3. Download your API Key

4. Open Adapty Account and fill Subscription Key ID and upload your certificate and hit Safe.

Uploading subscription key to Adapty

Starting from now Adapty can see your subscription offers and process them.

Subscription offer creation

To add Subscription offer to your products hit Add Offer in your product window

Product with 2 subscription offers

Fill Reference name and App Store Offer ID and hit Safe.

Take a note that App Store Offer ID is immutable while Reference name can be changed in any way.

Product set

Each subscription has a period and Product set maps to any existing subscription periods. Currently both iOS and Android support following periods:

  • Uncategorised

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • Annual

  • Lifetime

  • Non-Subscriptions

It's best to move your Product to the appropriate Product set.

Each product set maps to one of the periods above. Uncategorised is a temporary place for your Products, move them to the appropriate set.

Additionally, there are two more Product sets

  1. Lifetime. Use it for lifetime subscriptions. Keep in mind, that lifetime subscriptions are just one-time purchases.

  2. Non-Subscriptions. All your additional non-subscription purchases such as consumable / non-consumable products.

Product sets are predefined and can not be modified or created.

To move products across different Product sets, use Drag-n-Drop.

Move product from Non-Subscriptions to Lifetime

If you connect iTunes account, Adapty will parse your products and put them into a temporary Product set Uncategorised. Move all your products to the appropriate Product set.