A/B Test

A/B tests help you to increase the revenue of the app. But even if you don't plan to run a/b tests you still need to configure one in Adapty interface. This allows you to avoid hard coding product IDs in the app.

A/B tests contain one or more paywalls. You can also run targeted A/B tests using Adapty.



  • Id — Id of a/b test that is used in Adapty SDK. You can not change it after creation.

  • Namea/b test name that you use in Adapty interface

  • Description — description to better explain a/b test

You can add an existing Paywall or create a new one.

The following example shows the creation of the paywall with id main_paywall. It has two paywalls: Premium and Basic Subscriptions. The first one will be shown to 25% of the users, the second one — to 75%.

Targeted A/B tests

Sometimes you want to run A/B test on specific segment of users. For example, you want to show Premium subscriptions to users that 35+ years old. You can create a segment using age as criteria and run targeted A/B test on this segment.

To create targeted variation click Add new targeted variation link. Choose the Segment you want to target. Then choose the paywalls you want to display. The paywalls may be the same as for default target or they may be different. In our example, we want to evenly distribute 35+ years old users between premium and basic subscriptions. You can click Balance weights button to achieve it (same as manually entering equal weights). You can create multiple targeted variations within a single A/B test. If the customer belongs to multiple segments, we will use the one with the least amount of users in it.


A/B tests are immutable. You can't edit a/b test as is, you need to create a new version.

Each change inside your A/B test creates a new version. With such architecture, it's easier for you to correctly measure A/B test performance and understand which feature affected test results.