Configuring products from App Store and Play Store, working with iOS promotional offers

Adapty encapsulates products from App Store and Play Store into a single internal product. This allows you to use a single Adapty product across all platforms, instead of using each vendor's products.

Products already created for certain apps in Adapty dashboard are visible in the Products tab of the Paywalls and Products section.

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Product list in Adapty


Make sure to indicate Bundle ID for iOS and Package name for Android in Adapty Dashboard, without them SDK can't fetch product info from stores.

Product management

No matter how you use Adapty, you need to set up your products in the app stores. This is done separately from Adapty and involves defining details like price, duration, and free trials for your in-app purchases or subscriptions. Adapty will then work with these settings to manage and analyze transactions in your app. Please check our guides on how to create products in stores.

Create product

After your products are set up in the stores, you are ready to create your products in Adapty dashboard. To add a new product for your app, simply click on the Create product button located in the upper right corner of the product list page. This action will initiate the process of creating a product within your app.


Adapty supports all types of products: subscriptions, non-consumable (including lifetime), and consumable.

Create a new product in Adapty

Create a new product in Adapty

In Adapty, a Product consists of the following parameters:

  • The Product name is used across Adapty dashboard.
  • The Period is used to determine the duration of the subscription. It should match the period configured in the App Store or Play Store. If the product is not a subscription, use the following options:
    • Lifetime
      Use a lifetime period for the products that unlock premium features of the app for a lifetime (forever).
    • Non-Subscriptions
      For the products that are not subscriptions and therefore have no duration, use non-subscriptions. These can be unlocked for additional features, consumable products, etc.
    • Consumables
      Consumable items can be purchased multiple times. They could be used up during the life of the application. Examples are in-game currency and extras. Please consider, that consumable products don’t affect access levels.


By default, all the products have an Uncategorized period. Make sure to set the correct one, otherwise, there might be problems with granting access to your customers.

  • The Access Level is used to determine the features unlocked after purchasing the product. Most of the time premium access level should be used. You can read more about access levels here.

Next, let's configure the product information from each store:

  1. App Store:
  • App Store Product ID: This unique identifier is used to access your product on devices. To obtain the product ID for the App Store, please follow the steps outlined in our documentation, where you'll find detailed instructions on how to create and retrieve the product ID.
  1. Play Store:
  • Play Store Product ID: These are identifiers for the product from the Play Store. You need to provide at least one of them, but you can always add another one later if needed. To obtain the product ID for the Play Store, please follow the steps outlined in our documentation, where you'll find detailed instructions on how to create and retrieve the product ID.
  • Base Plan ID: This ID is used to define the base plan for the product in the Play Store. When adding a subscription's Product ID on Play Store you have to provide Base Plan ID. A base plan defines the essential details of a subscription, encompassing the billing period, renewal type (auto-renewing or prepaid), and the associated price. Please note, that within Adapty, each combination of the same subscription and different base plans is treated as a separate product.
  • Legacy fallback product: A fallback product is used exclusively for apps using older versions of the Adapty SDK (versions 2.5 and below). By marking a product as backward compatible in the Google Play Console, Adapty can identify whether it can be purchased by older SDK versions. For this field please specify the value in the following format <subscription_id>:<base_plan_id>.
Create a new product in Adapty

Create a new product in Adapty

By configuring the product information for both the App Store and Play Store, you'll ensure smooth integration and effective management of your in-app purchases or subscriptions using Adapty.

Edit product

To edit the product, open it, enter the new values, and click Save.

Edit Product

Edit Product


Editing period, access level, App Store Product ID, and Play Store Product ID is not recommended because it may affect analytics clarity. Only edit them if you made a mistake, like setting the wrong period or typo in the product ID.

If you no longer use the product and want to replace it with another one, it's much better to create a new product and update Paywalls and A/B tests accordingly.

Delete product

To delete the product, open it, click Delete product, and confirm the action by entering the product name you're about to delete.


Adapty allows you to offer discounted pricing to existing or churned subscribers. To utilize this feature, you need to create the offer first in App Store Connect or Play Console. Once you have the offer ready, you can easily add it to the Adapty Product in the Products section.

Offers in Adapty product

Offers in Adapty product

Here are the fields for the offer:

  • Offer Name: Provide a name for the offer to help identify it within Adapty.
  • App Store Offer ID: This is the unique identifier for the offer in the App Store.
  • Play Store Offer ID: Similarly, this is the unique identifier for the offer in the Play Store.

By incorporating offers through Adapty, you can effectively manage discounted pricing options for your subscribers, enhancing their experience and boosting subscriber retention