Paywall groups

Paywall groups provide a convenient and efficient way to manage pre-made paywall sets for various purposes, such as A/B testing or creating different placement configurations. By utilizing paywall groups, you can streamline your workflow and save time by referencing a set of predefined paywalls instead of individually adding them.

The primary purpose of Paywall groups is to offer a centralized repository of paywall configurations that can be easily applied to different scenarios. Whether you're conducting A/B tests to evaluate the effectiveness of different paywalls and setting up multiple placements with specific paywall arrangements, paywall groups simplify the process by allowing you to select and apply pre-defined paywalls in a few simple steps. You can also learn about A/B testing with Adapty by referring to the Adapty A/B test documentation. For detailed information on creating and managing placements in Adapty, please consult the Adapty placements documentation.

By leveraging the power of paywall groups, A/B testing, and placements, you can streamline your paywall management workflow and efficiently optimize your revenue strategy.

Paywall group list

To access the functionality for managing paywalls in the Adapy dashboard, you should navigate to the Paywall groups tab within the Products and Paywalls section.

The Paywall groups list page in the Adapy dashboard provides an overview of all the paywall groups that have been set up in your account. The list is shown with 3 level structure. The first level represents the paywall group information. The 2nd level shows info about the Paywalls that are inside the group. The last 3rd level shows the product information that each paywall consists of.

Paywall groups list

Paywall groups list

You can also use filters on this page to refine your search and locate specific paywall groups. You can filter paywall groups by placement to see only those that are associated with a particular placement, or by state to view paywall groups based on their current status.

Paywall group states

The state parameter in Paywall groups describes the current usage status of a group. Here are the available state values and their meanings:

  • Live: A Live group represents a set of active paywalls that are currently in use for placements and ongoing A/B tests. Live groups can be associated with multiple A/B tests and placements. If you are confident in the current setup, you can run additional A/B tests based on the live group.
  • Inactive: An Inactive group refers to groups that were previously used in placements or A/B tests but are not currently live. These groups can be used to run tests again by making them active or archived if they are no longer needed.
  • Draft: Draft groups are groups that have not been used in any placement or A/B test before. They serve as a preparatory stage for A/B testing, allowing you to share and review the group before running the A/B test. Draft groups can be converted into a running A/B test when ready.
  • Archived: Archived groups are no longer actively used and have been stored for reference or historical purposes. These groups are typically not available for further use in placements or A/B tests.

By understanding and utilizing the different state values of paywall groups, you can effectively manage and control the usage of your paywalls based on their current status and purpose.

Paywall group structure

A paywall group is composed of the following main elements: a name and paywalls that are included in the paywall group.

To create a new Paywall group, you can simply click on the Create paywall group button located on the paywall group list page.

Create paywall group

Create paywall group

The paywall group name is used throughout the Adapty dashboard to identify the paywall group and distinguish it from others.

Paywalls are added to a paywall group from the available paywall list within the system. The paywall list consists of all the individual paywalls that have been configured in your platform.

To create a paywall group, you must select and include at least one paywall from the available options. The selected paywalls will be associated with the group.

After creation, it should not be possible to edit, add, or delete paywalls in groups that are in the Live or Inactive state, as this may affect the metrics.

Duplicate the paywall group

Duplicate paywall group

Duplicate paywall group

If you want to reuse an existing paywall group in Adapty, you can use the Duplicate functionality to quickly create a copy of it. When you choose to Duplicate a paywall, group all of its data is copied, including its name and consisting paywalls. The word "Copy" is added to the name of the new paywall to distinguish it from the original. This is a useful feature if you want to create a new paywall group that is similar to an existing one but with some minor modifications.

Archiving paywall group

You can choose to archive paywall groups that are no longer needed.

To archive the paywall, open it, click Archive paywall group, and confirm the action by entering the paywall group name you're about to archive. All archived paywalls are stored in the paywall list and find them by filtering by archived state, and you can still view the metrics.


The paywall groups which are in the usage in active placement or are in the usage in running the A/B test can not be archived. You should remove the paywall from the placement or stop the A/B test to perform that action.

It should be possible to send the group to an active state by clicking on the Back to active option. The option is only visible for the groups that have an archived state.

Overall, paywall groups provide a convenient and efficient solution for managing paywalls in a centralized manner. By grouping together pre-made paywalls, you can easily reference and apply them, saving time and effort. This streamlined approach enhances workflow efficiency and allows for better organization when setting up paywalls for various purposes like A/B testing or different placement configurations.

Paywall group metrics

Adapty gathers a comprehensive set of metrics designed to enhance your ability to gauge the performance of your paywall groups. These metrics are continuously updated in real-time, with the exception of views, which receive updates every few minutes. The data provided for the paywall group metrics represents accumulated information from all paywalls within the designated group.

Paywall group metrics page

Paywall group metrics page

For a more in-depth understanding of the metrics available for your paywalls, please refer to our documentation