Adapty paywall builder

A no-code solution for the easy creation of native layout paywalls.

You can create paywalls faster and easier using Adapty paywall builder and get them directly in your iOS or Android apps as native layout pages.

We've analyzed dozens of paywalls and created a solution that allows you together with Adapty A/B tests to check the most valuable hypotheses quickly.

The builder is created to set the core conversion-driving elements of paywalls with several clicks in the dashboard without spending time on minor design amendments and technical settings. It helps also to edit your paywall native layout on the fly by changing it visually in the Adapty web interface.

To use the paywall builder you need to initially set the SDK part just once. Please follow the articles below to do so.

  1. Installation
  2. Fetching Paywalls & ViewConfiguration
  3. Presenting Visual Paywalls
  4. Handling Visual Paywall Events

When everything is set on the SDK side you can use just the Adapty dashboard to create paywalls using paywall builder, edit them, run tests with them, etc.

Paywall builder in the dashboard

Adapty paywall builder works as an optional supplement to the main flow of handling paywalls so you may switch it off/on when needed with a toggle.

Turn on a toggle on the page of paywall creation/editing to enable the paywall builder

Turn on a toggle on the page of paywall creation/editing to enable the paywall builder

Please mind that all your work with the paywall builder will be reflected in your application if you have set the SDK part.

By leveraging the Adapty Paywall Builder, you'll be able to create persuasive paywalls that seamlessly align with your app's branding and purpose. For more details on customizing templates, layout, products, text, and buttons, as well as localizing them, refer to the following sections:

  1. Paywall builder templates
  2. Paywall layout and products
  3. Paywall texts and buttons
  4. Paywall builder localization