Migrate to Adapty

Move to Adapty seamless saving all your subscribers. Learn how to move to Adapty when you use an in-house solution, RevenueCat, or other.

Migration has three steps:

  1. Switching to Adapty SDK.
  2. Changing Apple/Google server2server notifications webhook.
  3. Move historical data to Adapty to save statistics.

Let's quickly go through each part.

Migrate to Adapty

Switching to Adapty SDK

All you need to do is import Adapty SDK into your app and replace your legacy methods for making purchases, restoring purchases, and checking user subscription status with Adapty methods.


Your subscribers will migrate automatically

If a user was subscribed via, for example, your in-house solution and then you released a version with only Adapty SDK, his subscription status will be restored automatically.
You don't need to migrate historical data to sync subscriber status with an app.

Changing subscription status URL

Subscription status URL is used to let us know about server-side events, such as Subscription Auto-Renew Off, Subscription Cancelled, Renewals, and others.

It's important to set App Store server notifications to Adapty for proper work.


Get a raw Apple events

When migrating to Adapty, first you may want to give Adapty a try, we understand it. If for any reason you need raw Apple Events, for example, for your BI or for your legacy solutions, just set a URL where you'd like Adapty to forward raw events.

Raw Apple events

Move historical data to Adapty

Moving historical data is optional and won't affect your subscribers state. However, there's a number of reasons why it's better to do so:

  1. Analytics will work correctly instantly. Adapty matches subscribers by original transaction ID and we don't count events that came from Apple webhook without exposing to Adapty SDK before.
  2. You'll get all your users and subscribers with properties ready to use. It's nice to have all users in one place, to further use in Segments, and Profiles/CRM.

Feel free to explore our guide on how to migrate historical data to Adapty.

Steps for migration from other platform

So, to safely migrate from any other solution to Adapty you need to take these steps:

  1. Integrate Adapty SDK instead of your legacy methods.
  2. Test and release update of your app. Check Release Checklist
  3. Switch subscription status URL to Adapty. You can use forwarding to keep forwarding events to your old system.
  4. Ask your platform support (for RevenueCat: https://app.revenuecat.com/settings/support) for historical data in CSV format. Fields are listed in Importing Historical Data to Adapty
  5. Import historical data via Adapty support.

You can always contact us if you have any questions.