App settings

(Re)name your app, add an icon, get keys for SDK and API, delete an app

  1. App name and App icon will be only visible in Adapty interface.

General Setting Example

  1. Use a Public SDK key for Adapty SDKs and use a Secret Key for a Server API.

Member of a Small Business Program?

  1. If so, let Adapty know with a mark. Using it Adapty will correctly handle 15% platform cut instead of 30%.

Proceeds are calculated separately for each transaction, depending on the Small Business Program status in Adapty, at the moment of transaction.
It means that checking\uncheking this box will not affect your data retrospectively, but will only affect the upcoming transactions.
If Small Business Program status changes in the store, make sure to change it in Adapty respectively, as we have no way to track it automatically.

Speaking of Proceeds, Apple only takes 15% of renewals of the subscriptions that remain active for over 1 year, even if the commission is 30% overall. Adapty takes it to count.


You can also Delete an Application.

  1. But be careful - you can't restore an app after you delete it.