Promo Campaigns

Learn how to display personalized promo offers to your customers using Adapty Android SDK

Promo Campaigns help you to increase revenue with targeted offers for your customers. You can use them to upsell, convert freemium users to paid ones, and win back churned subscribers.


Make sure to set Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) server key in Adapty Dashboard, without it, we can't send push notifications.

To get an available promo offer for the user, call .getPromo() method:

Adapty.getPromo { promo, error ->
    if (error == null && promo != null) {
        // handle available promo

Response parameters:

  • Promo: a PromoModel object. This model contains info about the available promo offer. It can be null when there's no offer available (which is fine).

Listening for promo updates

You can respond to any changes in the user's promo by setting an optional OnPromoReceivedListener. The callback will fire whenever we receive a change in the promo:

Adapty.setOnPromoReceivedListener(object : OnPromoReceivedListener {

    override fun onPromoReceived(promo: Promo) {
        // handle available promo


Configuring push notifications

Check the Push Notifications section to get instructions on configuring push notifications.

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