Analytics Integration

Learn how to set up integration with external analytics using Adapty SDK. Adapty supports Amplitude, Mixpanel, and AppMetrica

Adapty sends all subscription events to analytical services, such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, and AppMetrica. We can also send events to your server using webhook integration. The best thing about this is that you don't have to send any of the events, we'll do it for you. Just make sure to configure the integration in Adapty Dashboard.

Setting the profile's identifier

Set the profile's identifier for the selected analytics using .updateProfile() method. For example, for Amplitude integration, you can set either amplitudeUserId or amplitudeUserId. For Mixpanel integration, you have to set mixpanelUserId. When these identifiers are not set, Adapty will use customerUserId instead. If the customerUserId is not set, we will use our internal profile id.


Avoiding duplication

Don't forget to turn off sending subscription events from devices and your server to avoid duplication

Disabling external analytics for a specific customer

You may want to stop sending analytics events for a specific customer. This is useful if you have an option in your app to opt-out of analytics services.

To disable external analytics for a customer, use .setExternalAnalyticsEnabled(false) method. When external analytics is blocked, Adapty won't be sending any events to any integrations for the specific user. If you want to disable an integration for all users of your app, just turn it off in Adapty Dashboard.

Adapty.setExternalAnalyticsEnabled(enabled) { error ->
    if (error == null) {
        // success
try {
    await Adapty.setExternalAnalyticsEnabled(true);
} on AdaptyError catch (adaptyError) {}
catch (e) {}
try {
    await adapty.setIsExternalAnalyticsEnabled(false);
} catch (error: AdaptyError) {}

Request parameteres

iOS / Android

Enabled (required): a boolean indicating whether external analytics should be enabled or not.

Flutter/ React Native

isEnabled (required): a boolean indicating whether external analytics should be enabled or not

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