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Feature request: More option on sharing purchases

Hi, We are facing a restore purchase problem. Adapty currently supports only disabling sharing and sharing with all customer accounts (within the same Google/Apple ID). We need the latest customer account that restores a purchase to have access levels and to disable access on all previous accounts. This feature helps us prevent fraudulent activity.

How do I get "Non subscribed users" Segment ?

[block:image] { "images": [ { "image": [ "https://files.readme.io/d46aad6-image.png", null, null ], "align": "center", "border": true } ] } [/block] <https://docs.adapty.io/docs/segments> in this doc, it says some predefined segments in A/B tests, but I could not find them. where could I find these segments?

Terms and Privacy buttons bugged?

Hello, The buttons Terms and Privacy on the paywall does not open the chosen URL. Is it an issue on my side, or does everyone experiences that? If yes, could it be fixed?

How to fix this adapty purchase issue

I m getting this error on test subscription in android how to fix this error com.adapty.errors.AdaptyError: \<HttpError 401 when requesting <https://androidpublisher.googleapis.com/androidpublisher/v3/applications/com.babblebot/purchases/subscriptionsv2/tokens/kdnllecocmgnfmgjkklbjmdo.AO-J1OwW4no-AoFATae5wGBaYArpOWRkkxqhfvB0JvCLLP8CzEsmfj7V0dALJq3cj6pqKa69vgWWJoBcFnk9BaOJgZki518jdw?alt=json> returned "The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.". Details: "[{'message': 'The current user has insufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.', 'domain': 'androidpublisher', 'reason': 'permissionDenied'}]">

How to solve this problem with AdaptyUI-React-Native (2.1.1)

024-04-01 03:41:31.855 xcodebuild[19736:1767620] DVTCoreDeviceEnabledState: DVTCoreDeviceEnabledState_Disabled set via user default (DVTEnableCoreDevice=disabled) ** BUILD FAILED ** The following build commands failed: SwiftCompile normal x86_64 Compiling\\ SK1Product.swift,\\ SK1ProductsFetcher.swift,\\ SK1QueueManager.swift,\\ SK1QueueManager+MakePurchase.swift,\\ SK1ReceiptManager.swift,\\ SK1Transaction.swift,\\ SK2Product.swift,\\ SK2ProductsFetcher.swift,\\ SK2Transaction.swift,\\ SK2TransactionManager.swift,\\ SK2TransactionObserver.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1Product.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1ProductsFetcher.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1QueueManager.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1QueueManager+MakePurchase.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1ReceiptManager.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit/SK1Transaction.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2Product.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2ProductsFetcher.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2Transaction.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2TransactionManager.swift /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2TransactionObserver.swift (in target 'Adapty' from project 'Pods') SwiftCompile normal x86_64 /Users/choihyoungbin/Desktop/kkokkio-dev/kkokkioapp66/ios/Pods/Adapty/Sources/StoreKit2/SK2TransactionObserver.swift (in target 'Adapty' from project 'Pods') (2 failures)

Questions about access levels - how many can I create and are there plans for a server API to creat them?

Hey folks - I'm curious how many access levels I can create and also if there are any plans to expose a server API to create or manage them. Thanks!

Feature request: Base Plan ID or Adapty Product ID in server-side API

We have a subscription in Google Play configured as single product with several base plans: for 1 month, 6 months, etc. In the response of Adapty server side API endpoint `GET /profiles/{profile_id}/` there is no information about base plan ID. Webhook notifications payload also does not have it. But we want to use it in our internal analytics. Your support specialist suggests not to use base plan ID in google but use different products. Google documentation says <https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/12154973> _**Base plan:** A base plan defines a subscription's billing period, renewal type (auto-renewing or prepaid), and price. A single subscription can have multiple base plans._ Also your documentation says: _**Base Plan ID:** This ID is used to define the base plan for the product in the Play Store. When adding a subscription's Product ID on the Play Store you have to provide a Base Plan ID. A base plan defines the essential details of a subscription, encompassing the billing period, renewal type (auto-renewing or prepaid), and the associated price._ So it looks like we should use base plans for this but then we cannot use your API to determine bought subscription plan. Please add base plan ID to your API response. Something like adapty_product_id in this API could help but it is missing too.

Delete account

Hi, I would like to delete my account

How to get the non-subscription purchase that is just purchased.

Hello, I am using Adapty for subscriptions on my Flutter app. I am also trying to use Adapty for non-subscriptions. But when a purchase is made with makePurchase() function, AdaptyProfile object is returned instead of AdaptyNonSubscription object. So it looks like I have to compare the AdaptyProfile before and after purchase and find which nonSubscription object is newly created. Is this right? or is there easier way. This way is so overly complicated.

I want to delete my credit card

I gave up the Pro membership. I cannot remove my credit card from the system. it keeps trying to withdraw money. I request that my credit card registered in the system be removed and my payment plan be free.