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We using Flutter framework. Questions: 1. A/B metrics result (https://app.adapty.io/ab-tests) --> only shows the Production mode? 2. https://app.adapty.io/event-feed --> When we test subscription we can not show revenue, trials, views ... data in (https://app.adapty.io/ab-tests) is right? 3. How correct fetch transaction id? 4. Can you check fetch transaction id correction? Future<bool?> _mapInAppPurchaseMake(AdaptyProduct qProduct) async { try { final MakePurchaseResult permissions = await Adapty.makePurchase(qProduct); if (permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.isActive ?? false) { if(Platform.isAndroid){ await Adapty.restorePurchases(); } if(permissions.purchaserInfo?.subscriptions[permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.vendorProductId]?.isActive ?? false){ String transactionId = permissions.purchaserInfo?.subscriptions[permissions.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels["premium"]?.vendorProductId]?.vendorTransactionId ?? ''; String variationId = qProduct.variationId ?? ''; await Adapty.setTransactionVariationId(transactionId, variationId); } return true; } return false; } on AdaptyError catch (adaptyError) { print(adaptyError); if (adaptyError.adaptyCode == AdaptyErrorCode.paymentCancelled) { print('AdaptyErrorCode.paymentCancelled'); } } catch (err) { print(err.runtimeType); return false; } } Regards Samat Z.

Upcoming introductory offer returned

We have an upcoming introductory offer change setup in App Store Connect, but this is being returned as the active offer by the API: introductoryOfferEligibility: true, introductoryDiscount: subscriptionPeriod: numberOfUnits: 1, unit: week, price: 0, paymentMode: freeTrial, localizedPrice: £0, localizedSubscriptionPeriod: 1 week, numberOfPeriods: 1 When selecting the purchase option, the iOS dialog correctly shows the actual live offer (currently one month free). This IAP has not yet been released for sale, so I'm not sure if this could be relevant. Thanks

flutter: Some users has knowingly false premium access level

Hi, some of our app users has knowingly false premium access level, even though they never bought or activated a trial subscription. Newly created users can sign in in our app and already has premium access level. We also see premium access in Adapty user profile page, however this user has no recorded actions in user history block. What is this issue about?

Flutter SDK - App User ID not sent / are wrong through webhook

Hi, We use Flutter SDK and 'identify' method to authentify the transaction via a Webhook. Unfortunately, AppUserId receive through WebHoob doesn't exist in our DB. The bug only appear on iOS on subscription, purchases work well. We use a sandbox environment with the 1.0.9 flutter sdk. Thanks for your response

@Adapty - the "Play Store configuration" section is outdated and doesn't match the real experience with Google Play

Dear Adapty Team, The "Play Store configuration" section is outdated and doesn't match the real experience with Google Play. It would be of great help if you update the step-by-step description! Thank you, Danny

i can fetch but not purchase (Android)

I got following error when trying to purchase: {"adaptyCode": "unknown", "code": 55215026, "localizedDescription": "Attempt to invoke virtual method 'java.lang.String android.content.Intent.getStringExtra(java.lang.String)' on a null object reference"} I can log my paywalls and products without any problem. Only the purchase is not working. I am using react-native. We used to work with the react-native-iap to handle purchases. But I uninstalled it now so it should not have any conflicts with the android billing library

Синхронизация с Google

В Домашней панели Адапти вижу стикер: Android purchases don't work properly due to Android real-time developer notifications (RTDN) setup failure. Сheck that your key file is valid, has Owner rights, and Cloud Pub/Sub API is enabled. Please visit this link to activate Cloud Pub/Sub API. Хотя json загружен и в пэйволе информацию о продуктах получаю, что я сделал не верно?

flutter: App User ID not being linked with Adapty ID on Production environment

Hi there! We are experiencing some kind of issue, where our internal App User ID is not linked with yours Adapty ID on Production environment. But seems to be woking fine on Sandbox. https://github.com/adaptyteam/AdaptySDK-Flutter/issues/39 I have created a github issue and duplicate question here for faster solution. Please help.

Сколько времени нужно, чтобы применить изменение?

мы изменили название продукта и ждем больше 6 часов( почему так долгооо???

Как правильно отобразить paywalls с a/b test

всегда нужно указать первый пэйвол? мне не понятно как работает система a/b test можете в докак подробно описать? Спасибо!

Flutter использование плагина с Android

При инициализации и запросе paywall получаю ошибку In-app billing API version 3 is not supported on this device.

Ошибка noProductsFound во время ревью

Приветствую. Не можем пройти ревью Apple, т.к. во время ревью у проверяющего возникает ошибка noProductsFound. При этом в TestFlight все работает на разных версиях iOS. Идентификатор покупки (точнее, подписки) перепроверили. Кто-нибудь сталкивался с таким? В чем может быть проблема?

How to create User via API method with certain User's Country parameter?

Our case: User can sign up via Web page -- it's implemented via Adapty API (https://docs.adapty.io/docs/server-side-api-specs#create-a-user) used on our backend. Problem: Users created via Adapty API from backend server are signed up with 'USA' Country, which has significant impact on our analytics. Possible solution: As we understand, reason of such behaviour is - Adapty API uses server's IP (USA origin) which make request to create user to set User's Country. Is it possible to allow set user IP/Country in Adapty API Create User method as an optional parameter?

отображение цены подписки не только в USD

Начал подключать ваш сервис на Flutter. Список подписок, текстовку все получаю, но цена приходит только в USD. Как получить цену подписки в валюте страны?

Is Unity SDK actual enough?

Hello! I am developing my app on Unity, but I found out that Unity SDK may be not actual enough (on Github this project was updated on March). So I would like to know - is it OK to integrate Unity SDK? Will be all features available for me? And will everything work correctly?

"Adapty SDK was not initialized" on Android

I am using React Native to develop my iOS and Android Apps. On iOS, everything works well. But on Android, my adapty.purchases.restore() function throws an error like below; {"adaptyCode": "sdkNotActive", "code": 403, "localizedDescription": "Adapty SDK was not initialized"} Also, while getting the products, it turns the empty products (with prices of 0). So, it is not a problem about the connection between my App and Adapty. I followed the Android instructions part, twice. But the results are the same. What should I do? Thank you all, in advance.

ITMS-90078: Missing Push Notification Entitlement

We are not intending to use promo campaigns, so I have not set up push notifications in Apple Developer. I am receiving a notification every time I upload a build to App Store Connect that I am missing the entitlement however. Is there any I can do to disable the use of push notifications in Adapty so this isn't triggered, or is there another solution?

Потписки налаживаются друг на друга

У меня есть несколько продуктов, все они дают доступ к "Премиум" контенту, но если купить несколько они не продлевают друг друга, а налаживаются поверх, или в, если продукт что был куплен первым имел срок дольше(пр. первый длится пол-года, потом почему-то захотелось ещё месяц добавить, чтобы получить 7 месяцев, а получаем также 6 только параллельно первой подписки в полгода будет идти и и подписка за месяц ). Я подозреваю что я что-то не так настроил, прошу помочь. Заранее спасибо. PS. Русский я знаю лучше чем английски. Прошу понять и простить XD


introductoryOfferEligibility and promotionalOfferEligibility, which one is using for determine the availability of free trial, I don't quite think the response is correct. localizedSubscriptionPeriod: 1 week, price: 2.99, localizedTitle: 7M Pro, currencyCode: USD, discounts: [], vendorProductId: com.oneothergame.7min_cardio.pro_weekly, promotionalOfferEligibility: true, introductoryOfferEligibility: false, isFamilyShareable: false, paywallABTestName: x13eswwt - Basic OOG106 design with 1 option (A/B Test), variationId: 6cf0d180-b9b7-453e-a5aa-32178530da9e, subscriptionGroupIdentifier: 20903914, regionCode: US, paywallName: paywall-x13eswwt (Weekly), localizedPrice: $2.99, subscriptionPeriod: numberOfUnits: 7, unit: day, localizedDescription: Unlock music and all premium content., introductoryDiscount: numberOfPeriods: 1, localizedPrice: $0, localizedSubscriptionPeriod: 1 week, subscriptionPeriod: numberOfUnits: 1, unit: week, paymentMode: freeTrial, price: 0, currencySymbol: $

restorePurchase and makePurchase

When we call restorePurchases, and failed, then we makePurchase, there is never has any completion returned, so we get stuck on our subscription screen, it happen almost 9 out of 10 times. Any idea why?